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Are you an angry bird? Never ever make these five decisions when angry.

Pooja Banga

Anger is one of the seven universal emotions and a common one characterized by hostility towards something or someone who has broken your trust and also provoked you in an appalling manner. Anger is believed to be a part of being human, as well as the nature of every other species. 

At some times, anger is controllable, but at other unfortunate times, anger can cause fleeting annoyance, flare up, and consume a person completely, which can lead one to blow and act out aggressively in a way that one can’t really get away with their actions afterwards. While anger is an intense emotion and can piss off the people around you, especially the one who is bearing the brunt of it, anger is a completely normal human emotion, which is sometimes healthy. 

But if you often find yourself falling victim to anger and feeling impulsive, you need to first count to ten and slow down and deepen your breathing. Secondly, and most importantly, never make any decisions when you are angry, or else it can have bad repercussions and even change your entire life. This is because when we are angry, our judgment is impaired. Here, we will let you know about five decisions you should never make in the heat of the moment.

Quitting a job – If you’ve been a working professional for even one week, you must be very well versed in the everyday experiences and job pressure one has to go through while being an employee. Most of the time, it comes at the expense of relationships as well as physical and mental health. If you are feeling negative emotions, and you feel frustrated while at work, and find yourself fantasizing about making an exit from your job, then just pause and breathe deeply. Don’t make the mistake of quitting your job in haste! Keep your impulses at bay and don’t become reactionary. This is because you are prone to making poor judgments when angry. Most likely, you will regret your decisions later.

Driving – Many of us feel vulnerable, overwhelmed, and emotionally upset when angry. But getting into your car and driving when you are angry is the worst thing to ever do, and this can be extremely dangerous to your life and life threatening for both you and your family. Extreme emotions may lead to distractions, and even a miniscule moment of distraction can lead to disastrous consequences such as car crashes and accidents. So next time you are about to get somewhere in your car but you’re feeling annoyed and enraged, consider postponing your plans and closing down your travel itinerary. We know you love yourself and the passengers sitting in the back seat. Never choose to drive when you are angry, and save your plans and wanderlust for a later period.

Blocking a friend or breaking ties with a close friend – What is the second best feeling on this earth after motherhood? For many, it is friendship! Being with friends and making new friends is both bewildering and exciting. It is truly a blessing to have a good friend. They are our second family on whom we can depend, which is why a relationship like this should never end! You just had an unpleasant tiff or quarrel with your closest friend, and obviously you feel it’s them who are unreasonable, so, you might be planning to block them. In such a scenario, make sure to pause and give the relationship some time to heal. But don’t block them, unfriend them, or break valuable ties with someone when you are extremely angry.

Planning a revenge – When you are angry, all you can think of is the worst aspects of a person. It’s human nature! You can never focus on anything positive when you’re angry. So, if you feel like taking revenge on someone, take a pause and reconsider your rash decision. It has been rightly said that revenge never kills only the target. The one planning revenge in anger also dies a thousand slow deaths.  

Cursing someone – Cursing your fate or cursing a person who caused you pain is all but natural. It is never wise to badmouth and belittle someone without solid proof that they are the actual reason for your misery. Angry words are emotions that have a voice, and they always sound unpleasant to whoever is on the receiving end. When you calm down, you may despise yourself. Also, it is quite embarrassing to first badmouth someone in the heat of the moment and later apologize for your uncouth behavior. 

Anger, in most cases, can be a negative emotion that ends up having a destructive impact on life events. Anger always leaves bad repercussions and trails, and therefore, an emotion like this should never prevail over anything else. This is why it is important that you try to control your anger before it controls you.

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