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Adil Hussain vs Sandeep Vanga: Is Vanga the new Kangna Ranaut

Sandeep Reddy Vanga, ever since the release of his latest film Animal, has been extremely defensive about it. He has clashed with multiple people from the film industry, including renowned lyricist and writer Javed Akhtar, who made slightly negative remarks about his film.

Most recently, he clashed with veteran actor Adil Hussain, who had played a small part in Vanga’s 2019 film Kabir Singh. In a recent interview, Adil Hussain stated that Kabir Singh was a toxic and violent film, and it was the only film in his entire career which he regrets doing. He didn’t make any personal remarks against Vanga or his latest film Animal; Mr. Hussain even said that he would defend Vanga’s right to make such movies, but he didn’t just agree with them.

Yes, that is all Mr. Hussain had said! However, Vanga doesn’t seem to have even the slightest tolerance for criticism. Adil Hussain’s comment might have triggered him even further, because this is the first time it was someone who had worked with him, had been bold enough to criticize his work!

Vanga’s response to him on Twitter was extremely childish, and he even claimed that it was Kabir Singh that had brought Adil Hussain to fame, which was utterly laughable. Adil Hussain has previously worked in several other well-known commercial as well as non-commercial movies. Some of his most successful movies include English-Vinglish, where he played Sridevi’s husband, Shankar’s 2.0, where he had a supporting role alongside the legendary Rajnikant, Main Aur Charles, where he played the lead role, alongside Randeep Hooda. He also had a supporting role in the Hollywood film Life of Pi, which apparently had a 5 times bigger box office collection as compared to Animal. Now, how laughable is it that Vanga feels that it was Adil Hussain’s small role in Kabir Singh that brought him to fame? Vanga made his debut in Bollywood in 2019. However, Hussain has been active for more than a decade since Vanga even set his foot in the industry.

Vanga even went on to call Mr. Hussain “greedy” and even stated that he would use A.I. to replace Hussain from his film. Many of Vanga’s supporters who were previously defending the director now seem to agree that Vanga is crossing the line. After all, Adil Hussain merely made a comment about how he didn’t like his film, but Vanga decided to make it personal.

After Animal’s release, many critics had gone on to question Vanga’s sanity. While it wouldn’t be right to judge a filmmaker from his film alone, after seeing how Vanga is reacting to even the slightest criticism, that too, with people who are much senior to him, it eventually seems that the critics might be actually right about his mental health.

Actress Kangna Ranaut’s credibility took a hit when she had turned her social media into a battleground against anyone who disagreed with her, or crossed her path, whether it is an actor, director, journalist, or political figures. It seemed as if she enjoyed thriving on the attention and drama that was generated by these conflicts. Now, the same seems to be happening with Sandeep Reddy Vanga, who is walking the same path!

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