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A Conversation with Dr Chinmoy Hazarika – Dentist and Founder of

Robin Bhuyan (Editor)

3D Printing in Dentistry- A revolution

When was the last time you had to visit a dentist? Chances are that regardless of your problem, you had to pay at least 3-4 visits till your problem was diagnosed and fixed. Sometimes, there may be cases where it is possible to fix your issue using a simple home remedy, but you took stress unnecessarily. To tackle this, Dr Chinmoy Hazarika, a dentist from Assam, has opened a portal to a revolutionary development in the healthcare sector. is owned by NEORDENT HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS PVT LIMITED, which is a renowned and one of the fastest-growing chains of dental clinics. Recently, Enigmatic Horizon had a conversation with Dr Hazarika regarding his work. Let us take a look at his views regarding dentistry and his thoughts about his revolutionary project.    

EH: Firstly, tell me about your portal and how exactly is it going to bring a change?

CH: When people have a problem with their tooth, what is the first thing they usually do? They will look into the mirror, use the internet and try to fix the problem by themselves using home remedies. And yes, in some cases, this provides a solution and going to a dentist is not even required. The app that we are going to launch is going to inform you about this: Whether you actually need an appointment with a dentist, or whether your problem can be fixed using a home remedy- the app is going to tell you. It is also going to focus on preventive dentistry i.e., it is going to help one take good care of their teeth, so that problems can be avoided in the first place.

EH: Can you elaborate?

CH: I believe healthcare has four aspects. Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, and Preventive. When you have a serious problem, you need immediate treatment. This is called primary healthcare. When primary healthcare doesn’t work, you will need to go for further tests and reports and so on. This is called secondary healthcare. When you know your problem, and you know the costs for treating the problem, and you go to a place for a highly specialized treatment, it is known as tertiary treatment. Then, comes preventive healthcare, which I believe should be the most important. Our portal is going to provide solutions with all of these.

EH: How is your portal going to help with preventive healthcare?

CH: We are currently working on a toothbrush that is going to provide the user with feedback regarding their teeth. It is going to be equipped with a sensor, which is going to detect any problem that the user might have, such as cavities. Once a problem is identified, our app is going to provide you with a home remedy, if possible. Only if the home remedy doesn’t work, or if the problem is too serious, our portal is going to fix an appointment with a dentist.

EH: That’s indeed a revolutionary technology that we have never heard of. Do tell me more.

CH:  Through our business model, we are going to focus on all four aspects of healthcare. Through the app that we are working on, which is empowered by AI and blockchain technology, users will be able to talk to an entity, which can provide them with a correct diagnosis and treatment plan with 99 percent accuracy. It empowers you as a patient, as you are no longer going to be stuck with your doctor. The information that we are going to provide you is also going to allow you to make your own decision.

EH: Is your portal going to have doctors of their own as well?

CH: Yes, and once it has been finalized that you need a doctor, even your treating doctor is going to receive all the information that he needs before the treatment even starts. Thus, there is going to be no time wasted on appointments and consultations.

EH: Yes, this is indeed revolutionary. Is there anything else that your business is going to do?

CH: Yes, the main revolutionary thing that our business is doing is 3D printing. If you have ever had a crown done, you probably know how long it takes. But through 3D printing, crowns, bridges etc. can be created while the patient is still sitting on the dentist’s chair. Thus, it is going to save the patient’s valuable time.

EH: I would agree that what your startup is doing is indeed revolutionary. Do you plan on limiting it to India, or will you launch it on an international level?

CH: Due to legal compliances and all, for now we are focusing only in India. Over time, our business will expand. Right now, we will do our best so that not just urban, but even rural India can avail our services.

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