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5 Indian movies inspired by Hindu mythology

If you love stories about gods, mythical heroes and epic adventures, here we shall look at few films that bring ancient tales to life with amazing visuals and exciting storytelling. Get ready to dive into the world of powerful deities, brave warriors, and timeless legends that have been cherished in Indian culture for ages. Let’s explore five fantastic movies that showcase the magic of Indian mythology, blending ancient stories with the thrill of the big screen!


Release year: 2021

The plot revolves around Murali Krishna, a righteous arbiter, and Saranya, a DC, who fight against corruption and exploitation in a forest. They face off against Varadarajulu, a corrupt man involved in illegal mining activities and Gajendra Sahu, the chieftain of a religious organization. With supernatural help from Akhanda, an Aghora, Murali Krishna and Saranya battle against their tyranny. The story highlights themes of courage, justice and the protection of nature against greed and corruption.


Release Year: 2005

Ambi, a strict consumer protection advocate from Triplicane, tirelessly fights against corruption but often fails due to lack of evidence and public apathy. Frustrated, his suppressed anger creates an alter ego, Aparichit or Anniyan, a vigilante who considers himself an incarnation fo Yamraj and punishes wrongdoers using methods from the Garuda Purana.


Release year: 2022

In 1920, during the British Raj, Governor Buxton abducts Malli, a girl from the Gond tribe. Komaram Bheem sets out to rescue her, disguising himself as a Muslim named Akhtar. The British enlists police officer A Ramaraju to capture Bheem, promising a promotion. Unaware of their true identities, Raju and Bheem become close friends after saving a child. However, what will happen when they learn each other’s identities? Why is Ramaraju serving the British, despite the fact that his countrymen are suffering under them? RRR is a film has elements of Indian culture, and it shows the brutality of the British tyrants who ruled over India.  Not just in India, the film was a big success internationally, winning several international awards including the Oscar for Best Original song.

Karthikeya 2

Release Year: 2022

Ranganath Rao, an archaeologist, discovers an ancient anklet entrusted by Shri Krishna to his friend Uddhava, containing solutions for future problems. In Hyderabad, Dr. Karthikeya “Karthik” is suspended for opposing a mayor’s superstitious ritual. His mother believes their family is cursed for not fulfilling a vow to Krishna, so they visit Dwarka, where Karthik’s uncle lives. Karthik encounters the dying Rao, who tries to tell him something important.   

After Karthik’s mother goes missing, he’s wrongly accused of Rao’s murder but is saved by Rao’s granddaughter, Mugdha. They discover the anklet’s clues and embark on a quest to find it, facing dangers from a secret society and a violent clan, with Mugdha, Karthik tries to decipher the clue and retrieve the anklet.

Ram Setu

Release year: 2022

Dr. Aryan Kulshreshtha, an ASI archaeologist who doesn’t believe in God, has significant discoveries, including a king’s hidden treasure and a large Buddha statue in Afghanistan. In 2007, he’s asked to draft a report for the Supreme Court of India to support the demolition of the Ram Setu Bridge, claiming it’s a natural formation. Initially rejecting the offer, Aryan eventually agrees for the sake of a promotion, submitting a controversial report questioning the existence of Rama.

Facing public backlash and suspension, Aryan witnesses hostility from his family. He then receives an offer from a businessman, Indrakant, to join an archaeological mission to prove the bridge’s natural origins. Aryan, hoping to prove the truth, accepts and works with them. However, the evidence that he finds is not what he expected.


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