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A Conversation with Rajiv Ahmed – Assamese Author

Robin Bhuyan

Rajiv Ahmed is a name in Assam, which is well known among litterateurs. He has contributed articles for various well-known Assamese publications such as Dainik Axom, Adinor Songbad, Agradoot, Axomia Protidin, Janasadharan, etc. He has been working as a full-time writer since his retirement as an Undersecretary from Assam govt. Personnel Department in 2012. Recently, Enigmatic Horizon had a conversation with him regarding his work and his writing career. Let us take a look.

EH: First of all, tell us about your childhood and your early career.

RA: I was born in Tarazan, Jorhat. I studied at Jorhat Govt School, and later at Jorhat College. I later went to Nagpur to study at National Fire Service College. However, after returning to Assam, I lost interest in that field, and I joined the Personnel Department as a junior assistant, in 1977. I retired in 2012 as an Undersecretary in the same department.

EH: So when did you begin writing?

RA: I began writing few years before my retirement in 2007-2008. I wrote articles for several newspapers such as Dainik Axom, Janambhumi, etc. I was heavily inspired by my wife Sophika Ahmed, who has also written poems for several newspapers. I also wrote several books, which were well appreciated by the people. Eventually, I received the Sahityik Pension in 2015 from the Govt of Assam.  

EH: Can you tell us some of the names of the books that you have published?

RA: The first book that I had published was Pongyong Tekchai. It was based on Gadapani, the Assamese Warrior King. Over the years, I had published several other books, such as Boroxir Kaet, a book of short stories, that tries to give a social message in every story, Nodibaandh, a book of satirical political short stories, Tumar Kiholoi Bhoi Lage, a book explaining why money is a good servant but a bad master, and Jivan: Pariddhi aru Britti.

EH: Are you working on any books at the moment?

RA: No, right now I am not working on any articles, but I am contributing articles for various newspapers.

EH: Are you associated with any organizations at the moment?

RA: Yes, I am currently the President of Axom Kala Kristi Parishad.

EH: What changes do you think are needed today in modern society?  

RA: Today, the brotherhood between people can be seen to be dying. When someone passes away, there is hardly anyone to attend their funeral. I am working hard to rekindle this sense of love and brotherhood among people. I am trying my best to maintain the unity between Hindus and Muslims in my area as well. I have also built a Shani temple, in the area where I am staying.  

EH: It was a pleasure talking to you, Mr Ahmed. We wish you the best in your future endeavours.

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