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Deputy Speaker Dr. Numal Momin reveals shocking truths about CAA protests of 2019 (Exclusive Interview)

Edited by – Robin Bhuyan (Editor-in-Chief)

Written by – Nupur Jha 

Interviewed by – Mohsin Khaiyam

Dr. Numal Momin is an Indian politician currently serving as the Deputy Speaker of the Assam Legislative Assembly. Since 2016, he has been representing the Bokajan constituency in Assam.

Professionally a doctor, Dr. Numal is a proud member of the BJP and serves as a spokesperson for the Assam wing of the Party. In an exclusive interview with Enigmatic Horizon, Dr Momin shared insights into his challenges as the Deputy Speaker, development in Assam, and expressed his thoughts regarding the CAA protest.

As the Deputy Speaker, what are your main challenges inside or outside the Assembly?

The primary challenge for a Deputy Speaker lies within the Assembly. During sessions, my role involves overseeing the proceedings in the absence of the Speaker, ensuring everything runs smoothly. Dealing with unruly behavior from legislators can be particularly challenging, requiring patience and time to maintain control.

Despite the need for neutrality in your role, being an MLA from the ruling party, are there any opposition leaders you feel closer to?

My seat is close to the Leader of the Opposition (LOP), and we often engage in daily conversations. Despite being from the opposition, we have developed a rapport.

According to you, what is the most significant challenge for the BJP government, considering they are in power both at the central and state levels?

Regardless of the nature of the challenges, I feel that the government is tackling them earnestly and with sincerity. In my opinion, Prime Minister Modi has addressed every challenge seriously since he came into power. From the historic intervention in the Article 370 issue, which had persisted for 75 years, to removing Section 35A from the constitution, the government has taken decisive actions. Whether dealing with crises like the COVID-19 situation or focusing on rapid development in education and production, I feel that the current government is proactive in finding solutions.

As the elected legislator of the Bokasar constituency, located on the border and known for issues like cross-border smuggling, have you taken any steps to address these concerns?

Before I assumed office as MLA, the situation along the border was tense. During my campaign in April 2016, there was an assassination attempt on my life, resulting in the death of two terrorists. I faced threats and was warned not to campaign in certain areas. Despite the challenging times, once elected, I prioritized the security of those places. Tightened security measures were implemented, numerous operations were conducted, and negotiations were also initiated to encourage the terrorists to surrender.

Currently, the situation in the border areas and Assam, in general, is under control. Quite often, I hold meetings with the local residents, conveying my commitment to development. I made it clear that any disturbances would not be tolerated, and strict actions would be taken against those involved. I emphasized cooperation for mutual benefit. Now, ongoing road construction, academic sessions, hospitals, and electricity supply projects are underway. The people in these areas are content with the improved environment. I am dedicated to providing my best efforts to bring comfort and development to my constituency.

With the 2024 elections approaching, the competition is primarily between the INDIA group and the BJP. What are your predictions for the outcome?

Voters can evaluate the developments in areas such as infrastructure, communication, and healthcare that have taken place under the current government and decide which party aligns with their preferences. Personally, I believe Narendra Modi will be elected for a third term as the Prime Minister of India, and the BJP will continue to hold power.

There have been speculations that Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma might be offered opportunities in the central ministry soon. If he transitions to a central ministry, who do you believe would be the right fit to lead the state?

It’s not appropriate to comment on speculative questions based on media reports. I’m not aware of any such developments. Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has been instrumental in the growth and development of Assam, and I feel that his leadership  will continue, as it has been significant for the state’s progress.

After retiring, what do you want your identity to be?  

I want to die peacefully. That is all I will say!

The CAA protest in Guwahati and Assam took a destructive turn, with widespread vandalism. Now, the topic is surfacing in light of future elections. What’s your opinion on the issue?

I don’t think the topic needs further discussion, especially because the Citizenship Amendment Bill has already been passed in Parliament, and the rules are being formulated. However, it’s crucial to understand the individuals responsible for the vandalism and their motives. We need to uncover the truth about the incident, as widespread misinformation and propaganda led to chaos in Guwahati. People need to learn the truth about CAA, before they resort to protests. People should ask the protestors – How many of those Hindu Bengalis “waiting at the border” have entered the country, after the passing of the Bill? People like Akhil Gogoi stated that over 1 crore Hindu Bengalis would be coming to Assam, but the truth is that the total population of Hindu Bengalis in Bangladesh is far below that. So the truth is that people have been misguided in the name of CAA protests.

Thank you so much; it was a pleasure talking to you.

Thank you




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