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Dr. Bezbaruah and its impact on the Assamese industry

Priya Kumari – Enigmatic Horizon Staff (Sub editor)

It will not be wrong if we say that Dr. Bezbaruah 2 is the only Assamese film that has managed to gain huge commercial success by earning an amount of 3 crore rupees in 3 days. The first-day box office collection was 41.2 lakh rupees. This film was screened in over 142 halls across the state and eight cinema halls in different parts of the country. This had occurred for the first time in the history of Assamese cinema, in the genre of suspense and thriller.

The film, which is a sequel to Dr. Bezbaruah, has been directed by one of the pioneers of the Assamese industry, Nipon Goswami. The screenplay, dialogue, and story are written by Rajdweep and produced by Akshata Narain and Sanjiv Narain. The music for the film has been composed by Zubeen Garg. In this movie, we got to see many renowned personalities from the Hindi and Assamese film industries. In this movie, many renowned personalities are seen among the cast, which includes actors such as Adil Hussain, one of the most skilled actors in Assamese as well as Indian cinema.

Other renowned people in the film include Nipon Goswami, Zubeen Garg, Siddharth Nipon Goswami, and Kinkini Bhattacharya, son and daughter-in-law of Nipon Goswami, as well as other actors from Assam, such as Madhurima Chowdhury. Rimpi Das has also been cast as a special guest in the song Phool Phool. One of the most popular songs of Dr. Bezbaruah 2- the song Jiliki Jilika Tora Akakhore, gained huge popularity as well. Zubeen Garg’s rendition of this song in its new form was well-liked by everyone. The story is full of drama, twists, and turns. It grabs the attention of the viewers, making them want to know what comes next. The story revolves around Shantanu (Siddharth), a former lawyer who returns to Assam from London after seven years to attend his sister’s wedding. However, it is seen that his past haunts him badly in the form of Dr. Bezbaruah (Adil Hussain). Hussain played the role of a popular surgeon and philanthropist. Zubeen Garg played the role of Mahadev Borborah, a rebellious police officer. Each of the characters is well portrayed throughout the film.

There are multiple Assamese films with great storylines and an entertaining and thrilling storyline, like Dr. Bezbaruah 2. Unlike many other Assamese films, what made this film a huge commercial success was the publicity. The wide publicity of this film helped it gain immense popularity. Many quality Assamese films are released every year, but people are not aware of their release. So, the Assamese industry needs to focus more and more on promoting the film before its release so that people can become aware of it.

The promotional level used in this film is something that has never been seen before in the history of Assamese cinema. In the film, beautifully choreographed action scenes and stunts can be seen, which can be considered on par with the best Hindi and English action films. The selection of the location of the songs is also impressive and unique, unlike various Assamese movies and albums that use the same location, such as a river area or a well-known tourist spot.

Dr. Bezbaruah 2 has opened the door for the Assamese industry to produce big-budget films, and if it continues to do so, no one can stop the Assamese industry from flourishing. Many Assamese films that get released have great content, but the movies fail due to a lack of budget, poor publicity, and technical issues. 

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