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Exploring the Supernatural: Vikas Bahl’s Shaitaan Falls Short of Expectations

Robin Bhuyan

We hardly get to see supernatural thrillers today, whether we talk about Bollywood, Hollywood, or regional film industries. However, if you are a fan of the genre, then Shaitaan is a film that you might have been waiting for, a film which is a remake of the Gujarati film Yash.

Directed by well-known filmmaker Vikas Behl who has delivered movies such as Queen and Super 30, the film stars Ajay Devgn as the lead protagonist, with South Indian actress Jyotika playing his wife, while R Madhavan plays the role of the antagonist. If you talk about the performances by the actors, they are indeed brilliant and convincing. Talking about the screenplay, it is definitely engaging for the first half of the film, but at the same time, if we talk about the second part, it could have been improved, as at certain times, it seemed slow and repetitive.

Although R. Madhavan’s performance as a villain was splendid, he definitely deserved better dialogues, especially in the final showdown between him and Ajay Devgn’s character, as this particular scene seems a bit cartoonish and could have definitely been worked upon. Talking about Ajay Devgn’s performance, it was decent and it might remind you of his role in Drishyam as well as Shivaay. It seems he is born for playing the role of the “protective father.”

The story is about a small family, who is spending some time alone in their farmhouse, but the arrival of a mysterious stranger turns their lives upside down. If you have watched the trailer, you might be a bit disappointed, as it has already revealed too much! The film revolves around the subject of Black Magic or Dark Hypnosis or Vaashikaran. You may have seen movies revolving around this subject in Hollywood, but there hasn’t been any big budget movies made on this subject nor on demonic rituals in the Indian film industry, at least in the last two decades. Although the film is quite engaging, it is a simple story of good vs evil, and it doesn’t have too much depth nor any twists or turns. Even the antagonist’s motives aren’t explained properly.

So, if you are a fan of R. Madhavan or Ajay Devgn, or if you want to spend some fun time at the theatre, the film is not going to disappoint. But don’t expect to see a mind-blowing or fascinating story, or something too unique that you have never seen before!

Rating: 6 out of 10

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