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In Conversation with Indranee Talukder – Well-known actress

Bishal Mahanta

Recently, Enigmatic Horizon had the opportunity to have a conversation with Indranee Talukder, a captivating actress hailing from Guwahati, Assam, who has graced both regional and Bollywood films. After making her mark with Lateef alongside Nawazuddin Siddiqui, she appeared in Aparichit Shakti, starring opposite Rajpal Yadav. Let us have a chat with her regarding her life, her career and her views on the film industry.

How and when did you start your career in acting?

After my graduation, I went to Mumbai to pursue my LLB. During my academic pursuit, I met friends who were already from the film industry background. That’s how I got the opportunity to appear in auditions.

Have you taken any acting classes in your life?

No, I have not taken any acting classes so far. But since my childhood days, I loved acting and dancing, so during my college days, I used to participate in drama shows and dance performances.

Did you face any obstacles during your initial days of acting?

 There were no major obstacles, but my parents wanted me to be focused on studies, and this is why I had to balance both acting and studies. But, I managed to maintain both simultaneously.

So where did you do your schooling and higher education?

I did my schooling in Guwahati and completed my higher secondary from Cotton College. Later, I went to Delhi for my graduation and completed it at Miranda House College. Then, I pursued LLB from National Law College Mumbai and finished my LLM from Mumbai University. That’s my educational journey.

Which was your first movie in Bollywood?

Lateef was my debut film in Bollywood, where I starred alongside Nawazuddin Siddiqui. After that, I did another movie called Aparichit Shakti with Rajpal Yadav, which was released by Venus.

After successfully doing two films, did you get more opportunities in Bollywood?

Yes, after my debut, I got many projects, like Khandala Night, Horror Love Story and Friends Forever. I also started doing regional films in Tamil, Telugu, and Bihari languages.

Tell us something about your achievements so far?

My movie received much appreciation from the people of Bihar, and I also received many awards, such as the Indian Achiever Award, Dadasaheb Phalke Award, Hindustan Ratna Award, Cinema Aajtak Award, Green cinema Award, Delhi Loksabha Award etc.

Tell us something about your experience in Khandala Night?

Khandala Night was a movie in the horror genre and a female-oriented film where I played the female lead. Working with the crew was a good experience, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

What is your most favourite role you have played in your films till date?

I was blessed with several good roles, but if I have to pick one, I would say my role in Lateef because it was my debut movie, and I have a special attachment to it.

Who is your role model in the film industry?

My role model in the film industry is Madhuri Dixit Ji because she is a complete package of dance and entertainment.

Have you taken any professional voice lessons?

No, I haven’t taken any professional voice lessons, but I have given my voice in many South Indian movies.

As you have worked in many South Indian movies, please tell us about your experience in the Tollywood industry?

The South industry is welcoming and treats everyone well. I had a very good experience in the Tollywood industry. Their hospitality is remarkable.

The song from the movie RRR (Naatu Naatu) and the documentary movie The Elephant Whisperers won the Oscar award. What do you think about it? Does an Oscar help a movie to reach international popularity?

It’s a proud moment for all Indians that Indian movies received the Oscar award, and I feel it’s an honor for our Indian cinema. Yes, an award like an Oscar definitely helps a movie gain international popularity.

Have you seen nepotism in Bollywood?

I don’t believe in the term ‘nepotism’. It is common for parents to support their children for a brighter future, not just in Bollywood but in other fields as well. Star kids get attention due to their parents, and audiences like to see them, which gives them opportunities in good movies.

In the film industry, there are rumors now and then about illicit behaviour towards female actors. Is this true? What is your opinion on this? Have you ever experienced such things?

I won’t deny that there might be instances of illicit behaviour or compromises, but ultimately, it’s your choice. If you choose not to go down that path, no one can force you. Many producers and directors appreciate talent, and if you have the talent, you’ll get good roles. Personally, I haven’t faced any such bad behaviour from directors. I feel like I’ve worked in a family-like atmosphere.

What do you think about the Boycott Bollywood trend these days?

Movies that hurt public emotions should be boycotted. For example, the recent movie “Adipurush” hurt people’s sentiments, so such movies should be boycotted.

Lastly, what is your dream project/role you want to do?

My dream roles would be similar to the ones Rani Mukherji did in Black and the role of the prostitute portrayed by Sharmila Tagore in the movie Mausam. I hope to play such roles in my future projects.

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