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A Japanese mother creates a comic book based on the Oscar-winning film RRR for her son.

Sanjana Mahendru

RRR is more than just a movie; it conveys the emotions of the Indian revolutionaries and their fight for “Swaraj.” As the first film in Indian cinema to receive an Oscar, RRR has made Indian history proud in every way. Naatu Naatu, the song from this blockbuster film, won the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 2023. With its charismatic dance moves, this song was not just nominated for an Oscar in the 95th Academy Awards, but it even went on to win the honor. Along with the Oscars, it won several other prestigious awards, such as the Golden Globe.  

South Indian legend SS Rajamouli’s movie RRR centers on the lives of two lead characters—Alluri Sitarama Raju, played by Ram Charan, and Komaram Bheem, played by N.T. Rama Rao Jr. – both of whom have different goals in life but unite to fight for independence for their country. These two formidable combatants became close buddies due to their major goal of ending British colonial rule and establishing Swaraj (self-rule) in India. Filled with excitement, flavor, humor, and emotions, the movie did not need a major climax. In fact, every twist and turn after a few scenes looks like an unexpected climax, and it managed to attract more and more interest in the movie for its viewers.

There is an endless list of achievements in the movie. From gaining love and support from all over the world to winning prestigious awards such as the Golden Globe and the Oscar, the movie has amassed a massive box office collection. In addition, the movie wasn’t limited to India; it also gained attention in numerous other countries as well. People from all over the world can be seen praising and admiring the movie due to its unique story, theme, and soundtrack.

Mesmerizing the film with high-end words like “blockbuster” and “heart-wrenching” isn’t enough. Therefore, people started showing their love through unmatchable efforts and a great fanbase. For her 7-year-old kid, a Japanese woman prepared a comic book featuring creative visuals and a brief glimpse of the entire film, RRR by SS Rajamouli.

An RRR-inspired Japanese mom made a comic book for her son.

One of the RRR film’s fan accounts recently shared a video of a lady’s comic book based on the film. Rather than force her seven-year-old son to sit through a three-hour movie with subtitles, she decided to create a comic book instead. In light of the fact that it is rare for a young child to pay undivided attention to a single activity for so long, this inspired Japanese mother adapted her approach.

Soon, this video became viral, and the caption shared was, “Japanese Mother made an entire illustrated story book for the RRR movie. She felt that her seven-year-old son would find it hard to watch the 3-hour movie with subtitles. Even in fanism, they show such class.” Everyone praised her gesture of showing love and discussed the huge craze surrounding the movie RRR. This masterpiece has set a benchmark for Indian cinema and will continue to get praise even after years.

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