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Six movies that were surprisingly shot in just one room!

Robin Bhuyan

Recently, audiences as well as critics seem to be upset regarding the recently released film Bade Miyan Chote Miyan, due to its cringeworthy acting, annoying loopholes and terrible storyline. Since the film has already received so much criticism, we see no reason to write a separate review regarding the film. However, such movies bring a serious question – Why do filmmakers fail to give us good movies, despite spending hundreds of crores? The budget of Bade Miya Chota Miya alone was over 300 crores, and it is just one of the few examples.

To make a good movie, you don’t need to spend crores of rupees- you just need a good story, an engaging screenplay, and proper acting! Here, we are going to take a look at six movies, from Hollywood as well as Bollywood, which were surprisingly shot in a very minimal budget. Despite that, these movies are quite engaging, and you may not want to leave the screen till you are done with the film! In addition, these films were shot in just one room! This proves that making quality cinema is about talent, not about spending crores of rupees or dollars.


Released in 2009, the story of Exam takes place almost entirely in a single examination room. This psychological thriller manages to keep you hooked till the end, and the actors deliver commendable performances as well. Directed by Stuart Hazeldine, the film was made on a budget of $600,000. It was unfortunately a commercial failure.


Released in 1997, this American sci-fi horror film tells us the story of few individuals trapped in a bizarre and deadly labyrinth of cube-shaped rooms. Despite the story featuring various interconnected cubic rooms, only one room was actually built and used for the movie. Sliding panels were used to change the colour of the rooms. The film was directed by Vincenzo Natali, who has also directed several horror and thriller TV shows over the years. Made on a mere budget of $350,000, the film earned over 9 million at the box office.


Trapped is a 2015 Indian film directed by Vikramaditya Motwane, which features Rajkummar Rao in the lead role. It tells the story of a call center employee, who is forced to rent a flat in an apartment complex. Things get complicated when he is locked inside his own flat, with no electricity and no way to communicate with the outside world. Things are worse because his flat is located on the 32nd floor, and there is no other resident in the entire complex. Made on a budget of just 5 crores, the film earned 30 crores at the box office.


Circle is a 2015 science fiction film revolving around a group of fifty individuals who are confined in a single circular chamber. Every two minutes, one of them starts dying, but they soon realize that they have the power to vote who is going to be the next person to die! With a unique concept, engaging screenplay and commendable performances from the actors, Circle gives us a terrific cinematic experience. The film also raises deep questions regarding morality, human nature, as well as the value of human life. Kudos to the writer-director duo Aaron Hann and Mario Miscione, for being able to give us such a profound cinematic experience in such a low budget!


Remember the time when Ram Gopal Verma used to make good films? Kaun, a 1999 film, which features Urmila Matondkar, Manoj Bajpayee and Sushant Singh, is not just a “good” film, but it can be considered a masterpiece in the psychological thriller genre. Made on a minimal budget with only three actors, the film keeps viewers guessing till the end. And the ending was so well-written that no one can guess it coming, no matter how many horror thriller films you might have watched!

12 Angry Men

On top of our list, we have 12 Angry Men. Directed by Sidney Lumet, it is an American legal drama film which tells the story of a jury of 12 men as they discuss the conviction or acquittal of a young boy, who has been charged with murder. The film received critical acclaim and was nominated for three Oscars. It won multiple other awards and is considered as one of the best movies ever made. Made on a budget of over $300,000, the film earned 2 million at the box office. It was remade in several languages, including Ek Ruka Huwa Faisla in Hindi, and Dasamukha in Kannada.

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