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Supercharge Your Sleep Schedule: 5 Tips To Get Your Zzzs Back On Track

Priyanka Bhattacharya (Sub Editor)

Ever wondered if, when you rise without an alarm, you tend to do so at a consistent time? Being on the move, putting in overtime, or even just having a frantic schedule could knock off a typical REM sleep pattern. From time to time, your circadian clock can become out of sync. One may also observe that their midnight hours are consistent with each other. The circadian rhythm that occurs still consists of more components than just one clock. The other components are discussed as follows:

1. Try out subliminal music

How can subliminal music be a game-changer for achieving better sleep? You see, subliminal music is like a hidden gem in the realm of relaxation and sleep improvement. It’s designed with secret messages or affirmations tucked away within the audio. These messages? Well, they have a clear mission: to target stress reduction, relaxation, and better sleep patterns.

Now, picture this: you’re lying in bed, and you hit play on your subliminal music. What happens next is pure magic. The soothing melodies and calming sounds wash over you, creating an atmosphere of tranquilly that eases your mind and encourages relaxation. So, why not give it a shot?

2. Opt for a massage

Speaking of fantastic things, how about getting a massage? It’s more than simply a gourmet treat—rather, it’s a sleep aid hidden away. How come? Given that stress may cause us to toss and turn at night, massages are a great way to relieve it. Receiving a massage may be compared to pressing the reset button for your stress and worry. It is simpler to fall asleep when your muscles and neurological system are relaxed. You also experience an increase in feel-good chemicals like serotonin and blood circulation. Therefore, don’t only consider a massage a luxury—it may significantly improve the quality of your sleep. You’ll feel rejuvenated and prepared to take on the day when you wake up!

3. Wake up in a well-lit space

Let’s talk about starting your day on the right foot. Imagine this: you wake up in a dark bedroom, and your internal clock might not even realise it’s daytime. It’s a common scenario, isn’t it? Well, here’s a tip for you. First thing in the morning, make sure to flood your room with light. How can you do that? Well, one easy way is, if you can, to step outside for a moment to bask in the natural sunlight. It’s like a natural wake-up call for your body. So, remember, it’s all about embracing the light in the morning to help sync up your internal clock with the outside world. Check how it impacts your everyday life.

4. Build a soothing bedtime ritual

When it comes to having a good night’s sleep, there are some wonderful solutions to consider. Relaxing with a book is one of the best things to do; it’s like having a pass to another world. Deep breathing techniques are another option; they are quite effective in calming the mind. Don’t underestimate the healing benefits of a warm bath; it’s like a warm embrace for your body.

5. Confront your stress

Let us now discuss how to address your stress. To start, take a deep breath; it instantly relieves tension. Now, since mindfulness and meditation are like mental armour against stress, you might want to give them a try. Another excellent tool is exercise, which generates feel-good endorphins. Don’t forget to seek out friends or a counsellor; talking about it can make all the difference. Naturally, time management is your friend; divide jobs into manageable chunks to avoid feeling overwhelmed. So, keep in mind that you have the resources to deal with stress head-on. You’ve got this!

If you allow two to four weeks for the formation of your new behaviours, you may see changes. What it will take to get your bedtime routine back to normal cannot be foreseen. The duration affects the outcome here. Once you’re back on the cycle, remain on course by referring to the advice provided in this article. We recommend that you consult with your physician of choice when deciding whether or not these points are an ideal choice for you.

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