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The Garfield Movie: Bad Quality of Adaptation of An Iconic Comic Character

Nupur Jha 

Garfield debuted in the 1970s and became one of the most successful brands from his comic strips. Jim Davis’s orange tabby became a humorous symbol of someone who loves lasagna, despises effort, and has an aversion to Mondays.

However, the latest movie seems to miss the essence of the character. Directed by Mark Dindal and featuring the voices of Chris Pratt, Samuel L. Jackson, Snoop Dogg, Harvey Guillén, and Hannah Waddingham, it was released on May 24, 2024.

Here is a spoiler-free review, so you can decide whether to watch or skip.

Story, Confusion & Miscasting

The story begins with Garfield as a kitten, abandoned by his father in an alley. He eventually finds his way to Jon, where he meets the loyal dog Odie and experiences a luxurious life. However, one day he and Odie are kidnapped by a pair of henchman dogs working for the vengeful cat Jinx. While the story has a Mission: Impossible theme, the oddly half-populated and flat animation gives it a cheap vibe.

The script, written by Paul A. Kaplan, David Reynolds, and Mark Torgove, lacks a compelling storyline and features weak comedy. This is especially disappointing given the big-budget animation from DNEG Animation.

The movie is also filled with numerous product placements, making it almost unbearable to watch. At times, it feels more like an advertisement than a film.

However, if you’re familiar with Garfield from his comic strips, it’s clear that he is not a cat who likes to move or make an effort. He is known for being a lazy, grouchy, and disinterested orange tabby. The filmmakers, however, seemed confused, turning Garfield into a cat always up for adventure. Chris Pratt’s voice did not capture Garfield’s lazy and slacker personality, so the movie starts off on the wrong paw when you hear Garfield speaking in a voice that doesn’t match his character.

The rest of the film is more of an adventure comedy that feels repetitive and generic. Any character from another franchise could have filled the role; it doesn’t have to be Garfield

Despite its fundamental flaws, the movie has some enjoyable aspects. For example, the friendship between Odie and Garfield is delightful to watch. There are moments where the punchlines elicit genuine giggles from the audience, and the villains have some scene-stealing moments of their own.

In the end, the film could have been a lot worse, but due to some parts, it’s still an easy one to watch. However, if you are hoping to see your favorite character from the comic strip, this movie can be disappointing. Also, the film lacks in several sections, be it animation or the story. Overall if you like to watch something in your free time or have nothing to watch, this film can be your option to consider.


Rating: 5/10

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