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The Power of Positive Words

Words have immense power. Words can create and destroy. Sometimes a single word can change everything in a person’s life or a specific situation. Words- spoken, written, or simply the words we use in our minds — all have potential power.

We, generally, do not forget the words and kind acts that have encouraged us in our times of pain and suffering. We do not forget the people who lead us to the way of success and achievement through continuous encouragement and support, nor do we forget the people who push us into the stages of physical and mental distress and trauma. A teacher, a coach, a friend, a junior, or some other person may change the course of our lives for nothing but the benefit of ourselves.

As author Yehuda Berg states, “Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity… Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate, and to humble.” The words we choose and how we use them can make others feel good or tear them down; they can bring people together or rip them apart.

Our thoughts also impact what we observe in our lives. But the actual power lies in our words. Our words provide a bold statement of our thoughts. They are substantiation to the world of how we see others, our lives, and ourselves.

Positive words:

A word is considered ‘positive’ if it imputes positive emotions like joy, happiness, dedication, encouragement, motivation, inspiration, patience, calmness, empathy, security, intelligence, knowledge, activeness, accessibility, productivity, or an increase in the level of these elements. Interestingly, according to research at the University of Vermont and the University of Adelaide, the most positive word in the world is “laughter.”

Positive words shape our minds, reduce stress, and improve general well-being. We have unlimited thoughts every day. Therefore, as we start to use positive words and language more often in our statements and conversations, our patterns of thought also change for the better.

Almost everything we believe and know is a result of what other people have said to us. Much has happened to our lives, good or bad, and much is going to happen. But what happens to us is not the issue; the issue is how we interpret those.

In a single-statement conversation, a person should always keep in mind: Is he/she using the right words? Is it going to have a negative impact on the other person(s)? Sometimes such situations arise when we are not able to put forth positive emotions and encourage them. In such situations, we should very skillfully try to replace negative words with positive ones in conversations.

The impact of positive words on the subconscious mind:  

Thinking is a blend of words, sentences, mental images, and sensations. The subconscious mind considers the words and thoughts that get blocked inside it as describing a real situation, and therefore, it strives to align the words and thoughts with reality. It works diligently to turn these words and thoughts into reality. This means that if you often tell yourself that it is difficult or impossible to achieve a certain thing in life, the subconscious mind will agree to your words and hence put obstacles in your way. In the same way, if you keep telling yourself that no matter what, you will cross all the barriers and achieve your goals anyway, that you will try to find happiness, positivity, and knowledge in almost any situation, and that you WILL be successful one day, your mind will accept those words and convert them into thinking of that type, which will eventually, turn into your personality. Therefore, be careful while choosing your words.

If you choose your words, sentences, and thoughts consciously and repeat them in your mind, your life will start to change. This is also called using the power of affirmations. Affirmations are words and sentences that are repeated often during the day, which go down into the subconscious mind, which in turn, releases its massive power to show up the intention of the words and phrases in the outside world. This does not mean that every word you say or think will bring results. To generate the subconscious mind into action, the words have to be said with attention, intention, and feeling!

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