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The top five places you should visit in Odisha

Mohsin Khaiyam (Senior Sub Editor)

Odisha is popular for its ancient temples, some stunning forts, sun-kissed beaches, and some great tribal culture. Odisha is culturally rich and is considered to be a vibrant state. And since it is in India, it is also a heaven for food lovers. The authentic Odia cuisine is definitely one of a kind. But, on a vacation, you sure need a bucket list to see the best. Wasting no time, we have prepared that list for you. So here are five places that you must visit in Odisha on vacation:

1. Potagada Fort

People who love history and architecture must visit the Potagada Fort. Located in Odisha’s Ganjam district, the fort is an archaeological marvel. The fort’s construction began in 1768. It was “commissioned” by Ganjam’s first resident, Edward Costford. The fort has the essence of three foreign rulers: Muslims, French, and British. The fort is situated at the confluence of the Rushikulya River and the Bay of Bengal. The structure is a pentagon-shaped cluster of forts.

2. Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary

For people who love the wild, you must visit the Debigarh Wildlife Sanctuary in the Bargarh district of Odisha. Often termed unexplored, the sanctuary is a must-visit for nature and wildlife lovers. Taking a jungle safari is a must. You can see leopards, bears, bison, sambar deer, wild boars, and birds in their natural habitats here. If you like hills and waterfalls, then this site has some of those as well. But keep in mind that there are wild animals inside the sanctuary, so do not try to feed them anything.

3. Chandragiri (Jiranga)

Chandragiri is termed the Mini Tibet of Odisha. It is home to thousands of Tibetans. They have been living here since 1959. You will find some stunning mountain slopes, dense forests, and gushing rivers here. You must also visit the Padmasambhava Mahavihara Monastery. Then head on to buy some hand-made Tibetan woollen clothes. The clothes are all authentic and of great quality.

4. Khandadhar Waterfall

One of the most popular waterfalls in the state to spend some quality time at, the Khandadhar Waterfall is the perfect place. It takes you away from the busy city life. Located in Sundargarh, Khandhadhar is the 12th-highest waterfall in India, with a height of 244 metres. The waterfall is shaped like a sword. However, do not try to get into the water!

5. Gonasika Temple

Dedicated to Brahmeswar Mahadev, Gonasika Temple is one of the most beautiful temples in the country. It is situated in Odisha’s Keonjhar district. No matter what faith you believe in, visiting the temple is a must-visit for anyone who wants to seek spiritual blessings. Legend has it that this is the place from which the Baitarani River originated. The area is also home to many indigenous tribes, like the Gondias and Bondas.

So these are some of the places you need to visit. There were some more places that people may have wanted us to list, but these are the suggested places that one should not miss. Keep following for more such content.

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