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Top 4 reasons that lead to premature gray hair and how to prevent it

Enigmatic Horizon Staff

When it comes to hair, graying is a natural process that occurs throughout human life, but when it comes to premature graying, it is a reason of major concern. Even though climate and genetics are important factors in why hair turns gray, there are also a number of other important causes. Here are the top four reasons for premature graying of hair:

Stress: In the ever-changing world of technology, work pressure and emotional imbalance result in stress. Stress leads to discomfort in the mind and body, which can impact the stem cells that regenerate hair pigment. This results in early graying of the hair and can even damage it in the long run. It can be prevented by making a few lifestyle changes, such as practicing yoga or any form of physical exercise daily, limiting the usage of electronic gadgets at least an hour before sleep, and spending quality time with your loved ones to de-stress yourself from the hectic schedule.

Nutrition and vitamin deficiencies: Nutritional deficiencies, especially deficiency of calcium, iron, and vitamin B-12 which promote the functioning of the brain and nervous system, can lead to premature graying of hair. Adding essential micronutrients and supplementation to your everyday diet can reverse the impact of nutritional imbalance in the body. Professionals in the field of health also advise against using harsh chemical-based hair products like parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), fragrances, etc. because they can dry out and harm hair. Make sure to include dark green vegetables along with orange and yellow fruits and vegetables. This is an excellent way to enrich your diet, if you need to fight back the condition of early hair graying.

Environment and lifestyle conditions: People who are residing in extreme climatic conditions or highly populated areas are most susceptible to air pollution, and overexposure to sunlight, which leads to premature graying of hair. Since these conditions can never be completely erased, one can adopt a few healthier choices and a balanced diet to prevent graying. Switching to green products and drinking less alcohol and other substances that are hard to stop using can reduce the risk of harsh environmental and lifestyle conditions.

Inadequate Production of Melanin: Melanin is a pigment that results in the coloring of hair. With age or hormonal changes in the body, the melanin starts reducing due to the production of melanosomes or melanocytes, which results in turning the hair gray, white, or silver. Some ways to stop the body from making too much melanin include eating fruits and vegetables without any spices, which work best as oral antioxidants to stop the body from making too much melanin. Moreover, moderating, if not eliminating, the consumption of red meat and salt can also prevent the condition of premature hair fall and graying.

As goes the saying, prevention is better than cure. Therefore, make sure to start adapting to these life-changing remedies and embrace healthy living!

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