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Top 5 North Indian restaurants in Bangalore

Amlan Shekhar Baruah

Bangalore is undoubtedly one of the favourite cities in India for all kinds of foodies, and North Indians are certainly included here. It is filled with a large number of restaurants serving a huge variety of marvellous dishes from cuisines from all states of North India. However, due to the enormous number of different and diverse restaurants in Bangalore providing different kinds of foods from all around the world, it may become overwhelming and difficult to find an appropriate restaurant that provides a good range of good-quality North Indian items. Therefore, in this article, we list the top 5 restaurants in Bangalore that specialise in serving North Indian food.

1. Bhartiya Jalpan

When it comes to North Indian foods, Bhartiya Jalpan is certainly one of the best choices. Although this brand is well known, especially for its delicious and top-notch authentic Indian sweets, snacks, and dry fruits, it also serves a wide range of equally great and delicious North Indian meals. It has a unique, classy, spacious, and stunning interior, which comprises both the restaurant and the shop selling sweets, snacks, and dry fruits. Choose from its diverse selection of rice, biriyanis, rotis, parathas, gravy items, chaats, soups, starters, etc. Try the Bhartiya Jalpan Shahi Thali and other thalis. Also, do not forget the “Bhartiya Jalpan Specials”, such as Rajasthani Dal Poori, Club Kachori, and Chilla, and the Combo items, such as Pindi Chole with Jeera Rice and Amritsari Kulcha with Dal Makhani.

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2. The Rajputana

If you are a lover of Gujarati cuisine, this restaurant is a must-visit for you. It is a pure vegetarian restaurant that provides premium Gujarati and Kathiawadi thalis. The thali consists of more than 30 unlimited items and costs just Rs. 499 on weekdays and Rs. 599 on weekends. The restaurant’s regal and high-class atmosphere will astound you. Its stunning interior boasts magnificent Gujarati decor, and it also plays melodious Gujarati music. The staff of the restaurant is highly professional and friendly to all kinds of customers. The Rajputana was also recently awarded the best Authentic Gujarati and Kathiawadi Restaurant in Bengaluru by the Radio Mirchi Kannada Awards.

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3. NH8

This is one of the best restaurants for lovers of Rajasthani cuisine. It provides four different pure vegetarian thalis, which are the Weekday Thali, Tuesday Thali, Weekend Thali, and Kids Thali. All of them are unlimited and available at affordable prices. Each thali consists of more than 20 authentic Rajasthani items. The restaurant has a very calm and homely ambience with an authentic Rajasthani feel and beautiful Rajasthani music playing in the background. The staff treats everyone, including both children and adults, like family. The food served here is healthy and non-spicy and feels like traditional home-made Rajasthani food. NH8 is a must-visit for those who are looking for homely and family-friendly meals and atmosphere.


4. Udupi

The name “Udupi” is well known and loved by people all over South India. Udupi has numerous restaurants spread all over Bangalore. It provides a large range of authentic, pure vegetarian North Indian and South Indian items at affordable prices. Although the restaurants are small and simple unlike the luxurious ones, they have a very peaceful, homey, and friendly vibe. They maintain high standards of hygiene, and their staff is immensely friendly and professional. Among their North Indian items, choose from their wide range of curries such as Veg Do Pyaza, Navarathna Kurma, and Baby Corn Green Masala; rice items such as Mughalai Biriyani and Palak Khichidi; and Indian breads such as Pudina Roti and Kashmiri Naan. Along with these, they also provide a good range of chaats, such as Bhel Puri and Vada Pav, starter items, beverages, sweets, etc.


5. Punjabi Nukkad

This is an excellent choice for Punjabi food lovers. It is a pure vegetarian dhaba serving a wide range of Punjabi, North Indian, Chinese, and other items. It serves delicious Tandoori Starters such as Veg Platter, Achari Chaap, and Hara-Bhara Kabab, a wide range of gravies such as Punjabi Chole, Kaju Shahi Korma, and Sarson da Saag, roti items such as Methi Tawa Paraantha, Chur-Chur Naan, and Makki Di Roti, rice items, soups, lassis, sweets such as Shahi Tukda and Punjabi Kheer, etc. Also, do not miss its thalis, such as Special Punjabi Thali and Balle Balle Thali, and combo items such as Dilli Wale Rajma Combo, Kadi Pakoda Combo, and Makki Ki Roti & Sarson Ka Saag. It has a small yet cool and peaceful Punjabi-themed interior and plays great Punjabi songs throughout the day.

Punjabi Nukkad.jpg

Bangalore is filled with a great number of restaurants that serve a wide range of delicious North Indian dishes. Here, we have listed the best five among such restaurants, in our opinion. Satisfy your North Indian taste buds at any of these amazing restaurants whenever you visit Bangalore.

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