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Top Seven Famous People Who Cannot Drive

Gundeep Kaur 

Sitting behind the steering wheel is an art that needs expertise, which cannot be mastered in a flick. The same ideation applies to renowned celebrities too. But, there are many celebrities throughout the world, who prefer to sit in the back seat and let their drivers do the honor. Whether it is an innate fear of averting traffic or relaxing your bones, these celebrities have their reasons to step out from the back door. Here, we shall look at some of the most well-known celebrities who prefer the back seat:

Ricky Gervais:

Ricky has been a famous comedian showering wittiness wherever he goes. Surprisingly he has admitted his resentment for driving cars. Rather, Ricky prefers to be chauffeured to his shooting destinations and prefers to enjoy comfortable rides. Not just this, he denied appearing on the show “Top Gear” because of resistance towards wheels. He has been openly blunt about his diffidence over driving cars in public. In fact, he prefers to enjoy a relaxed drive and not get stressed over driving.

Mariah Carey:

Renowned Grammy winner Mariah Carrey keeps herself behind the rear seat because of an accident in 2009. This was enough reason for her to keep away from taking the front seat. Indeed, she prefers to be driven in her luxury car to every destination. Mariah has been popular for owning a fleet of luxurious cars. He has even admitted to her preference to be chauffeured everywhere. She loves the exoticness of her luxurious life and likes to enjoy a relaxed drive as compared to driving herself.

Cardi B:

Famed as the chartbuster rapper, Cardi B owns a remarkable fleet of luxury cars. But, the irony is that she does not hold driving license and cannot drive. It was during her appearance in James Cordon’s show “Carpool Karaoke” that she unleashed the truth about failing a driving test. Needless to say, her exotic range of cars is mere props for her social media posts and is used for garnering praise. From Bentley, Lamborghini, McLaren, Mercedes, Audi, and Rolls Royce, Cardi B flaunts her luxurious fleet with style.

J.K Rowling:

World-famous author and the creator of the Harry Potter series J.K Rowling is another one on the list of non-drivers. The quirky reason behind her not driving is her obliviousness of the car’s mechanism. But, this has not deterred her from crafting magical traveling methods in her novels. It is her smart thinking and creativity that emphasizes her hidden quest. What gives her an edge over other writers is that she can transform thoughts into interesting stories with loads of fantasy.

Jennifer Lopez

Driving might not be a cup of tea for Jennifer Lopez because she has stayed away from the steering wheel for 20 years. Despite this, she received a spectacular Red Porsche from Alex Rodriguez as a gift on her 50th birthday. She was so mesmerized by the car that it triggered an urge to drive. But, the real fact is that she prefers to be chauffeured everywhere. After all, she loves to show off her luxurious range of cars.

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut is a remarkable actress who never shuns away from spilling her blunt beans. But, there is a downside to Kangana that highlights her unwillingness to drive. The reason behind the curtain is that she freezes while driving and has a phobia because of an accident with an autorickshaw. This situation left a black mark on her frightening memories. It enabled her to sit in the backseat and enjoy a chauffeur drive.

Kim Namjoon

Knocking at the heart of music lovers, Kim Namjoon has been flying high with his wings ready to engulf the world. Being the “Heart” BTS (Bangtan Sonyeodan), he is an excellent singer having a huge fan following. When it comes to driving, he stays away. In one of his tweets, Namjoon revealed that he failed his driving test and did not plan to give a second chance. Rather, Namjoon confessed that he could not ride a bike without bumping into anything. That is something interesting as he is known for breaking things.

Most of all, expediating luxury through their relaxed traveling experience has kept them away from holding the steering wheel. Indeed, several celebrities have a spectacular fleet of cars, and the irony is that they do not prefer to drive themselves. To this, everyone has their own set of notions behind their phobia of driving.

So, if you find yourself without a driver’s license, or if you have a phobia of driving, then take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. Even some of the biggest stars in the world prefer taking a back seat when it comes to travelling!

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