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Top Seven Horror Games Released Post 2020

A truly immersive horror game experience can give you the most memorable experience of a lifetime! Here, we shall look at some of the scariest and most memorable games in the genre, which are both fascinating and horrifying! Here we have listed the top scare-a-thons below for your pleasure (or displeasure) including some of the latest horror releases and summaries of top horror games released post 2020.


Platforms: Xbox Series XIS, PS5, PC, Switch, Xbox One, PS4

Mundaun is a first-person horror game released in 2021, developed by the Swiss studio Hidden Fields and published by MWM Interactive. In this game, the player Curdin, climbs a mountain while solving puzzles and fending off enemies, with most of the dialogue spoken in Romansh, adding to the game’s distinct atmosphere. There’s combat, too-well, sort of- but like a lot of horror games, you may find that defence is the best kind of offence, not least because the hayforks you encounter are degradable, and Curdin sways his rifle so outrageously, it essentially renders it useless. Critics praised the game’s sketchbook-like art style but at the same time, found some of the puzzles to be frustratingly obtuse! So, dive into the mysterious world of ‘Mundaun’ where the mountains hold secrets, puzzles challenge the mind and fear lurks around every corner!

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me

Platforms: Xbox Series XIS, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Windows

Next video game in the post-2020 horror games list is The Devil in Me. Drawing inspiration from iconic figures like HH Holmes and Classic horror films such as Psycho, The Shining, and Friday the 13, this interactive drama and survival horror video game was released in 2022 as a part of The Dark pictures Anthology by Supermassive Games and Bandai Namco Entertainment. The storyline revolves around a documentary film crew invited to a replica of H. H. Holmes’ hotel on a Michigan Island. They quickly realize their lives are in danger due to traps set throughout the hotel by Granthem Du’Met, the owner. The tension escalates as they must now escape the building and eventually the island to survive. This game won the TIGA Awards 2023 in the category of “Best Action and Adventure Game”. So, if you love gripping horror stories and survival challenges, you should definitely give it a try for an intense and thrilling experience!

Alan Wake 2

Platforms: Xbox Series XIS, PS5, PC

After over a decade of anticipation, Remedy Entertainment has finally delivered us with Alan Wake 2, the much-awaited sequel to the original 2010 psychological horror action game. The game, which released in 2023, has garnered positive reviews from critics and has earned several Game of the Year nominations. The story follows best-selling novelist Alan Wake, who has been trapped in an alternate dimension for 13 years. In his desperate attempt to escape, he writes a horror story featuring an FBI special agent named Saga Anderson. Alan Wake 2 introduces enhanced gameplay mechanics that refine and expand its horror experience as compared to the prequel. By February 2024, the game had sold over 1.3 million units, making it Remedy’s fastest-selling game to date. So, if you’re looking for a psychological horror game with a dark, atmospheric adventure, Alan Wake 2 is highly recommended!

Amnesia: The Bunker 

Platforms: Xbox Series XIS, PS5, PC

Another top scary video game, Amnesia: The Bunker, is a first-person horror game developed and published by Frictional Games. Set in a World War I bunker, the game features a relentless, AI-driven monster that constantly stalks the player. To survive, players must find tools, craft items and keep the lights on. Released on June 6, 2023, the game received generally positive reviews from critics. Something unique about this game is how it encourages players to experiment and use the environment creatively to discover new things. For anyone who likes intense survival horror and creative, immersive gameplay, this game is for you!

The Quarry

Platforms: Xbox Series XIS, PS5, PC, PS4, Xbox One, Windows

This game is perfect for those who wish experience the feel of classic horror movies in an immersive environment. Envisioned as the spiritual successor to Until Dawn (2015) and inspired by teen slasher and monster films such as Friday the 13th and The Thing, The Quarry is a 2022 interactive drama horror game developed by Supermassive Games and published by 2K. Set in the eerie ambiance of Hackett’s Quarry summer camp, players take charge of nine teenage counsellors on their fateful final night. As they face off against supernatural threats and hostile locals, they need to make the right choices that will shape their destinies, relationships and ultimately, the game’s outcome. With every decision carrying weight, all nine characters can either survive or meet their demise, depending on the player’s choices, actions or inactions. The game received generally positive reviews from critics for its narrative design, characters, cast, performances, graphics and its homages to classic horror films. The game is more of an interactive movie than a typical video game. If you’re a fan of classic horror films and crave the thrill of reliving those spine-tingling scenarios, then The Quarry is the game you’ve been waiting for!

Dead Space (Remake)

Platforms: Xbox Series XIS, PS5, PC

Developed by Motive Studio and published by Electronic Arts, Dead Space – Remake is another survival horror game released in 2023. It’s a remake of the 2008 game created by EA Redwood Shores and it marks the first new entry in the Dead Space series since Dead Space 3 in 2013. The game is set on a mining spaceship that’s been overrun by deadly monster called Necromorphs after the discovery of an artefact known as the Marker. Players take on the role of engineer Isaac Clarke, who must navigate the spaceship, combat the Necromorphs, and deal with his increasing psychosis. Unlike the original game, where Isaac was a silent protagonist, he now has voiceovers. The remake also ramps up the gore with a new “peeling” system that allows players to tear and destroy Necromorph bodies in more gruesome detail. The game was well-received by critics and even earned a nomination for the Golden Joystick Award for Ultimate Game of the Year. If you’re looking for a terrifying gaming experience with intense combat and psychological horror, Dead Space 2023 is a must-play!

Resident Evil 4 Remake

Platforms: Xbox Series X/S, PS5, PC, PS4, Windows, iOS, macOS

For Resident Evil 4 fans, the anticipation has been real for the past years. Capcom has now brought you a fully renewed version of this beloved game! After the destruction of Raccoon City in 1998, Leon S. Kennedy became an agent for the U.S. government, undergoing training with Major Jack Krauser. Six years later, in 2004, the president sends Leon to a remote village in Spain to rescue his daughter, Ashley Graham, who has been kidnapped by the locals. The game received critical acclaim, earning nominations for the Golden Joystick Award for Ultimate Game of the Year. By March 2024, it had sold 7 million units, making it the fastest-selling instalment in the series. So, if you’re looking for a creepy game recommendation, the Resident Evil 4 Remake should be on your list!

Have you played any of these horror games? Let us know which game you are looking forward to!

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