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Touring Assam? Here are the top five places that you should definitely visit!

Rinku Sharma

With breath-taking views, untamed forests, the majestic Brahmaputra River, and vast expanses of tea plantations, Assam is a captivating tourist destination in India. Assam is a treasure trove of natural beauty and diverse history, remaining as one of the nation’s most abundantly unexplored regions. 

If you are planning a visit to Assam then do consider our list of top 5 places to visit.

Kaziranga National Park

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kaziranga National Park is situated in the Golaghat and Nagaon districts of Assam. Blessed with nature’s precious beauty, Kaziranga National Park has much to offer to its visitors. Two-thirds of the world’s Indian rhinoceroses are found in the National Park, which is the main attraction for tourists. Tourists will also have a great time watching tigers, elephants, wild water buffalo, swamp deer, etc, in the National Park. Kaziranga is also recognized as an Important Bird Area, so the National Park would be a paradise for bird lovers. The safari trip of the National Park by jeep and elephant will also be a blast for tourists to experience.

Every year, from 01 May to 31 October, Kaziranga National Park is off-limits to tourists. So, the ideal time to visit the National Park is from November to April.

Manas National Park

If you are someone who loves exotic wildlife and a little adventure, then a visit to Manas National Park is a must for you. Located in the Himalayan foothills, Manas National Park is a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site, a Project Tiger reserve, a biosphere reserve, and an elephant reserve. Wildlife enthusiasts can watch the rare and endangered endemic wildlife such as the Assam roofed turtle, golden langur, hispid hare, pygmy hog, etc, in the Park. There is no better way to explore the magnificent wildlife, enjoy river rafting, and stay in camps and cottages than to take a trip to Manas National Park.

The National Park remains closed from June to September every year. So, the best time to visit the National Park is from October to May.


Majuli is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Assam because of its spectacular natural scenery. It is both the largest riverine island in the world and holds one of the most significant Satras founded by Srimanta Sankardeva and Madhavdev. The 452 sq km-worth of Majuli islands are mostly submerged during the monsoon season, leaving the larger islands like Kamalabari, Auniati, and Garamur above the water. This is why the ideal time to visit Majuli is in May. Majuli is renowned for its incredible natural beauty and is a haven for birdwatchers. Holidaying in Assam is incomplete without visiting this beautiful river island.


Hajo is an interreligious pilgrimage site, situated 24 km northwest of Guwahati. This unique part of Assam, which is tucked on the banks of the Brahmaputra and conveniently reachable by roadways, draws visitors from far and wide. Hajo is a historic pilgrimage site that stands out for drawing followers of three different faiths: Hinduism, Islam, and Buddhism. This area is a popular destination for pilgrims from all three of these religions because it is home to numerous shrines honoring Durga, Shiva, Vishnu, Buddha, and significant Muslim saints. The Hayagriva Madhava Mandir is the most well-known temple and draws Buddhists as well because it is thought to be the location where Buddha reached Nirvana. The Powa Mecca Mosque situated here is popular among Muslims.


Sivasagar is a historic tourist destination, which dates back to the Ahom period. Sivasagar is full of historical tourist attractions such as forts with underground construction and countless temples. Home to centuries-old culture, Sivasagar is one of the incredible tourist destinations in Assam. It has also been the capital of the Ahom Kingdom from 1699 until 1788 AD. In addition to its amazing architectural feats, this ancient city also narrates tales of its regal splendor through its illustrious past and vibrant present. The Joysagar artificial lake, the Ahom Museum, the Rudrasagar Tank and Temples, and the Gaurisagar Tank and Temples are a few of the most visited locations in this region. Other popular tourist attractions that one should not miss are the water tank named Bhorpukhuri, Kareng Ghar, and Rang Ghar.

Final thought

One of the most picturesque states of India, Assam is a veritable treasure trove of nature, history, and culture. Assam deserves to be traveled to, explored, and treasured at least once in a lifetime.

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