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Yeh Saali Aashiqui – An underrated thriller and its impactful portrayal of the plight of men

Priyal Dholakia

A Thought-Provoking Take on Fake Feminism and Men’s Victimisation in Society

Yeh Saali Aashiqui is a 2019 Hindi romantic thriller film. It delves into the themes of fake feminism and men’s victimisation plaguing our society. Cherag Ruparel has directed this film which sheds light on the often overlooked aspects of gender equality surrounding us. It presents a gripping narrative that makes us question our own understanding of prevailing gender norms. Despite being such a well-crafted cinematic masterpiece, the movie remains an underrated gem in Bollywood. And it continues to be relatively unknown to a large number of people. Let us dive into this review to understand why the movie deserves more recognition than it received.

The Movie Premise

The movie revolves around the lives of Sahil and Mittee, two college students who fall in love. Sahil, portrayed by Vardhan Puri, is a sensitive and caring individual. However, as the story progresses, we witness how Mittee, played by Shivaleeka Oberoi, manipulates Sahil and takes advantage of his love and affection. This forms the crux of the film’s further exploration into the themes of modern feminism and men’s victimisation.

The cast has delivered convincing performances in their respective roles. The actors skillfully bring their characters to life and immerse you in their emotional journeys. Their on-screen personas will compel you to root for them at some point in the film. A special credit goes to the lead performers, especially Vardhan Puri, for contributing to the film’s success. Vardhan has done an incredible job of personifying two opposing angles on the screen. You cannot help but applaud him for pulling off an impeccable performance. 

Addressing Modern Feminism

Yeh Saali Aashiqui boldly tackles the issue of modern feminism. It is a phenomenon where individuals claim to support gender equality but exploit it for their personal gains. The movie showcases how Mittee, the female lead, cleverly uses societal biases to her advantage. She employs tactics like emotional manipulation and playing the victim card. Through its engaging storytelling, the film cleverly highlights how we are missing out on the true essence of gender equality in society.

Men’s Victimization in Society

The movie offers a refreshing departure from conventional Bollywood plots. Sahil’s character, in a way, becomes a symbol of the struggles men are facing in society these days. The film depicts his emotional turmoil, his helplessness, and the psychological toll inflicted upon him. By giving a voice to Sahil’s suffering, the movie challenges our notion that only women can be victims. 

Underrated and Unknown

Despite its compelling storyline and thought-provoking themes, Yeh Saali Aashiqui did not receive the attention it deserved. It is disheartening to see that such movies often go unnoticed and do not have the necessary impact that they could.

It is about time we, as an audience, had a more inclusive dialogue about gender issues and shaped the conversations surrounding them. Nevertheless, a change is taking place, and it is taking place for the better. Many men’s rights activists like Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj are tirelessly working towards raising awareness around the cause. She had recently shared some of her insights and discussed about her endeavours in an interview with Enigmatic Horizon. You can access her exclusive interview by clicking here.

The Final Take

Yeh Saali Aashiqui is an exceptional film tackling the complex issues of fake feminism and men’s victimisation in society. By doing so, it challenges our traditional and preconceived notions about gender roles. Unfortunately, the film remains underappreciated and largely unknown to many. This movie really deserves recognition for its thought-provoking approach and its ability to spark meaningful conversations surrounding the subject. It is indeed a must-watch film for those who are interested in digging out the truth about fake feminism and want to bring about real gender equality in society.

Overall rating: 4/5

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