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5 things you do that may be bad for your skin

Mohsin Khaiyam

Taking care of one’s skin has to be one of the most important tasks of the day. Everyone dreams of keeping their skin as beautiful and well-maintained as possible. However, some people find it hard due to their lifestyle, and others do not have much idea how they can keep their skin flawless. Some people also unknowingly do things that are bad for the skin, and hence their habits can have a negative effect on their skin. Here are a few things you may be doing that may be terrible for your skin:

1. Frequently picking at or touching your skin

This is probably not a big deal for most people, but if you tend to keep touching those acne scars or dry skin, you might leave a mark on them. This may leave a scar-like mark or a dark area on the skin. Scratching at dry skin might even irritate nerve endings.

2. Not getting enough sleep

Not getting proper sleep is a major concern in the 21st century, as people have become so occupied that many do not even sleep for four hours. Your skin does not get a chance to repair itself if you do not sleep enough. If you skip sleep, your body increases the production of the stress hormone cortisol. This means less of the hormones and proteins, like collagen, that are needed to keep your skin looking great. You are more likely to have premature ageing, skin problems, and other health concerns if you do not sleep properly. Experts suggest that an adult needs at least 7–8 hours of sleep to keep functioning properly.

3. Not drinking enough water

Keeping yourself hydrated with water is a lot more important than other beverages. The layers of the skin need proper hydration to keep looking good and healthy. The skin loses elasticity and can become dry and rough if you do not drink water. Keep reminders on your phone so that you can time your water intake. Snacking on fruits and vegetables high in water content, like watermelon or cucumbers, is also suggested for those who want to keep munching.

4. Drinking alcohol and smoking

The worst thing that one can do for their skin is drink alcohol and smoke tobacco. Drinking alcohol dehydrates your skin. This, as a result, causes flaking and dry skin. It further interrupts your sleep cycle. In the long run, serious skin changes that may include dark circles may show up. Even jaundice is one threat of drinking alcohol. The risk of skin cancer also increases if you smoke too much. Smoking also damages your blood vessels. Your skin finds it hard to get the oxygen and nutrients it needs due to this.

5. Using hot water for showers and washing your face

While hot showers can be relaxing, hot water can strip your skin of its natural oils and disrupt its natural barrier. It can even result in a range of other problems for your skin, like dryness, redness, and sensitivity. You may even experience excessive and frequent skin breakouts due to this. 

Make sure to keep the above points in mind to follow a healthy skincare routine and get glowing and radiant skin!

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