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Did Kangana Deserve it? 5 Reasons why Indian public is supporting Kulwinder Kaur

Ms. Kangana Ranaut, recently elected as the BJP MP from the Mandi Lok Sabha constituency in Himachal Pradesh, has accused a female security officer, Kulwinder Kaur, of assaulting her at Shaheed Bhagat Singh International Airport in Chandigarh on June 6. According to Ms. Ranaut, the CISF constable slapped her on her face and abused her.

The CISF constable Kulwinder Kaur was reportedly angry with Ms. Ranaut due to the latter’s comments on the farmers’ protest of 2020, which had lasted for over a year. Various farmer groups had also expressed their outrage, accusing the MP of making derogatory statements against farmers during the 2020-21 protests against the now-repealed farm laws.

However, while some have opposed Kulwinder’s response through violence, a significant portion of the Indian public is coming out in support of her. Let us discuss why.

  1. The farmers’ protest against the new agricultural laws had received widespread support all over the country. The protest included people not just from Punjab but from all over the country. Farmers’ leaders have stepped up to support CISF constable Kulwinder Kaur. Rakesh Tikait, a leader from Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU), spoke out in a video, saying they stand by Kulwinder, referring to her as their “daughter.” Tikait urged Ranaut to stop making controversial statements, emphasizing that both farmers and jawans are upset about the incident and it should be looked into. He mentioned that the situation isn’t too serious and hoped Kulwinder would be granted bail.
  2. Many people see Kulwinder Kaur’s actions as a brave stand against the injustices faced by farmers, especially because her own family was involved in the protests. Kaur’s mother was a part of the protests, and according to her statement, what infuriated her the most was that Ranaut made highly disgusting and insensitive remarks about the women who had taken part in the protest, saying that they were being paid 100 Rs per day. This made her action even more meaningful to those who supported the farmers, as they see her standing up for her own community.
  3. Kangana Ranaut became known for her insensitive and controversial statements on the farmers’ protest, which has garnered divided public opinion. In 2020, Ranaut had allegedly misidentified a woman farmer from Punjab who was taking part in the protests and said that she was Bilkis Bano, an elderly woman who had become one of the faces of the anti-Citizenship Amendment Law (CAA) protests earlier in Shaheen Bagh. She also said the woman was available for Rs 100, a highly disrespectful remark, implying she could be hired for protests. Many people found Kangana’s remarks offensive, especially towards elderly women, despite the fact that she is a woman herself.
  4. It can often be seen that celebrities say or do things without facing any consequences, even if it hurts the sentiments of the common public. Kaur’s actions are seen by some as a way to make Ranaut answer for her controversial comments. This connects with people who think celebrities should be responsible for what they say. It also means that everyone should be treated fairly by the law. Hopefully, this will make Kangana think twice before making disgusting and insensitive remarks not just about farmers but about any issue as a whole.
  5. And at last, Kaur is a woman who works in the CISF and takes on many roles that people can relate to. She is a security officer, a mother, and part of a family that was protesting against the farm laws. Most of us sympathize with her because they see her standing up not just for herself and her family, but also against what they believe is wrong!

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