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Diganta Hazarika talks about ‘Boycott Bollywood’ trend and changes needed in India’s education system (Exclusive Interview)

Written and Edited by – Robin Bhuyan (Editor-in-Chief)

Interview by – Parijat Handique

Diganta Hazarika is a well-known name in Assam. He began his debut with the regional film Ki Naam Di Maatim, and went on to work in several other movies such as Anuradha and The Underworld. He has also starred in two Bollywood movies Mohenjo Daro and the recently released Pathan. Join us in an exclusive chat with Mr Hazarika, where he discusses his journey, as well as other important issues and problems.

First of all, we would like to ask you about your journey- from modeling to the film industry?

I came from a small town to Guwahati. I began my journey as a model. I soon started appearing in video films, and eventually feature films. Thus my career began, and eventually, I also got the opportunity to appear in a Bollywood movie. Things were difficult, but I continued my struggle, like everyone does.

Have you had to struggle to stay relevant in the Bollywood industry?

I feel that struggles persist everywhere. New faces keep emerging, and many a time, old faces manage to make a comeback. So this thing will continue.

You have worked alongside many stars. How was your experience working alongside a big star like SRK in Pathan?

The popular stars are just normal people like us. But one thing that is different is that they have a different individual aura. I do believe that they work on their inner selves, in order to achieve what they have.

Do you think that destiny plays a role in how much one achieves?

Yes, I do strongly believe in destiny. If you are destined for something, you will definitely achieve it!

We would like to know about your experiences in working in Mohenjo Daro and Pathan.

There was nothing extraordinary about my journey. I just struggled like everyone else. On set, what I liked is that no one was all serious during the shooting. There was always an atmosphere of joy and friendliness. There is a lot of leg-pulling and they enjoy the moment during work.

What differences do you notice between the regional film industry and the Hindi film industry?

The main difference is the budget. Bollywood movies don’t need to compromise on anything, since they have a huge budget. However, our regional movies need to adjust a lot due to lack of budget. Plus, in the Hindi film industry, they are more organized as compared to our regional one.

There was a trend named ‘Boycott Bollywood’ which had been quite popular at a time. Bollywood movies were accused of defaming Hindu culture. What would you say about it?

 I don’t think anyone can stop the entire industry with a boycott call. People are still continuing to watch Bollywood movies, and Pathan even crossed 1000 Crore. I think that the people who claim to be saviors of our culture are not aware themselves about it. I don’t think being rigid or fanatical will help us in any way. We should stick to our roots, but at the same time, accept the changes that are happening in modern society.

As someone who stays physically fit, what are some of the things that one should do to stay healthy, physically and mentally?

Nowadays I am mostly busy with my work. But I believe it is very important for us to work out, for both our physical and mental health. Its benefits are many.

Has spirituality played a role in your journey and your success?

To some extent! But I am not someone who spends too much time in it. I am usually busy with my work. I believe that when you focus on your goal and work towards it, the universe is going to make it happen for you!

For students who aspire to pursue a career in sports, or in the entertainment industry, the education system does not offer much opportunity. What would you say about this? Have you faced any struggles yourself?

I was lucky to be born in a family that did not force to obsess over academics alone. They allowed me to partake in sports activities, and I was also an NCC cadet at a time. It is true that a lot of things need to be synchronized in our education system, but I think it will surely happen after some time. One reason is that a lot of people have made a name for themselves in the field of sports in the past few years, which has made people realize the importance of sports education. Progressive changes will happen no matter what. It will take place at the earliest.  

What advice would you give to aspiring actors and people who wish to work in the film industry?  

My only advice for newcomers is to associate and work with good and established people, as this will help them move forward in a positive direction. And if possible, they should also undergo a formal training, as this will help them in the long run as well!

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