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Jawan: Is it worth watching?

Robin Bhuyan (Editor-in-chief)

Directed by Atlee Kumar, and starring Shah Rukh Khan in the lead role, Jawan is a much-awaited action thriller which finally graced the silver screen this Thursday. The film not just manages to impress the crowds, but it also makes an attempt to convey a much important social message.

The story starts off revolving around a vigilante played by SRK, who is aided by a formidable team of six different women from different backgrounds, each endowed with different skills. He goes on a series of missions to expose that the political system is nothing but a tool in the hands of influential, powerful and rich industrialists. Within a short time, he manages to gain a huge and widespread public support. Intent on stopping him is a dedicated police officer named Narmada, played by the talented and beautiful Nayanthara, who is not even aware that the vigilante she is pursuing is her own fiancé. Vijay Sethupathi makes a remarkable performance as the film’s antagonist, playing the role of one of India’s richest and corrupt billionaire industrialists, who is controlling the government from behind.

The film also boasts a huge ensemble cast including actors such as Sunil Grover, Priyamani, Sanya Malhotra, etc. Deepika Padukone and Sanjay Dutt also make cameo appearances. The film is filled with loud action sequences and fight scenes, and whether you are an SRK fan or not, you will definitely enjoy it. Made on a budget of 300 crores, the film made a thunderous impact, earning an estimated 75 crores on its opening day alone.

What sets the film apart from other typical SRK films is that the film tries to express a lot of anger towards the system unapologetically and tries to raise public awareness about certain issues. The plot of the film, however, bears a huge resemblance to the 2015 vigilante film Gabbar is Back, where we saw the main character commit a series of vigilante killings, in order to send a message. As he continues his mission, he is aided by the students of an entire college. In Jawan, a similar theme can be seen, as the hero is aided in his mission by all the inmates of a women’s jail. You may also find the concept similar to the Spanish series Money Heist. Although the film touches upon various problems in India, considering the upcoming elections, whether the film actually has an intention of making the public aware, or whether it harbors a political vendetta, remains unknown, which is why if you are going to the theatres, it is best to go just for the entertainment.

So is the film really worth a watch? If you love watching vigilante action thrillers, or if you are a fan of SRK or any of the main actors, then definitely! However, do not set your expectations too high, as the film is not very different from a typical vigilante action thriller film.

Rating: 6 out of 10 stars  

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