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Nikola Tesla: The Scientific Contributions of a Forgotten Genius

Priyal Dholakia (Assistant Editor)

In the pantheon of scientific history, few names shine brighter than that of Nikola Tesla. Born in Croatia in 1856, Tesla changed the course of science and technology forever. Yet it is surprising how today’s science textbooks overlook him and do not even mention his name. It is sad that young minds do not get a chance to fathom his great scientific glory and greatness.

Tesla’s Pioneering Work in Alternating Current Electricity

Tesla’s scientific legacy is nothing less than phenomenal. One of his most significant achievements was pioneering alternating current (AC). As we all know, Thomas Edison supported direct current (DC) as the main way to send electricity. But Tesla’s AC approach proved more efficient in delivering electricity over long-distance. Tesla also pioneered alternating-current motor and transformer designs. His contributions were critical to the evolution of the contemporary electrical power grid. In many respects, the world as we know it now can be traced back to his research.

The Visionary of Wireless Communication and Energy Transmission

Moreover, Tesla made groundbreaking strides in wireless communication and the transmission of energy. He envisioned a global wireless communication network. And he even succeeded in lighting up incandescent bulbs from a distance. The Wardenclyffe Tower was his dream project. Had it been executed, it would have provided free wireless energy to the entire world. Unfortunately, financial obstacles and a lack of support led to the project’s end. And Tesla’s wireless energy dream was never recognised during his lifetime.

Radio Waves and Tesla Coil

Another notable contribution was Tesla’s work on radio waves. People usually say that Guglielmo Marconi invented radio. But Tesla’s patents and prior demonstrations of wireless transmission cannot be ignored.

Additionally, Tesla did a lot of research into X-rays and remote control. This led to the development of the Tesla coil. The Tesla coil is a vital component in radio technology and other wireless devices. This further proves his far-reaching influence on modern science and technology.

Neglected Genius: Modern-Day Science Textbooks

Despite Tesla’s breakthrough achievements, many modern scientific textbooks understate his contributions. The reasons for this oversight are complex. They range from historical biases to the need for simplified narratives. Thomas Edison’s rivalry with Tesla is well known. Also, Edison did not want to taint the commercial success he had achieved so far. All such factors have led to a skewed presentation of history. As a result, young minds may never comprehend Tesla’s genius and how his work changed the world as we know it.

Tesla’s Personal Life: Embracing a Vegetarian Lifestyle

Besides his scientific pursuits, Tesla led a remarkable personal life. But it often goes unnoticed in traditional scientific narratives. One aspect that stands out is his vegetarian lifestyle. Tesla was a devout vegetarian. He did not embrace a vegetarian lifestyle for ethical reasons alone. He did so because he was certain that eating only plants would improve his health in every way. His support for vegetarianism was well ahead of its time. It is now being recognised even more for its environmental and health benefits.

Moreover, Tesla remained a bachelor all through his life and chose never to get married. His scientific passions always took precedence over his personal pursuits. Tesla dedicated himself to his scientific endeavours in their entirety. He was even known to have an anti-social disposition. Tesla’s relentless quest for discovery left him little room for personal leisure. And he seemed to prefer solitude over social interactions. 

Spirituality and Vedic Teachings: Tesla’s Unconventional Journey

Furthermore, Tesla’s spiritual journey is a lesser-known aspect of his life. Upon moving to the United States, Tesla encountered Swami Vivekananda. He was an influential Hindu spiritual leader who introduced Tesla to Vedic teachings. Tesla’s interest in Eastern spirituality and philosophy grew upon meeting him. And he embraced Vedic principles that aligned with his scientific and philosophical inquiries. The interplay between science and spirituality was a unique aspect of Tesla’s personality. And it fueled his relentless pursuit of knowledge and innovation.

Grasping the Full Legacy of Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was an extraordinary genius whose scientific contributions transformed the world. His work in electronics and communications laid the foundation for modern technology. Unfortunately, mainstream science textbooks often fail to give him the recognition he deserves. This leaves a void in our understanding of his true impact on human progress. Only by embracing the entirety of Tesla’s legacy can we grasp his true genius and profound impact on humanity.

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