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Top 3 home remedies that help relieve back pain

Sumedha Sen (Sub Editor)

Today, in this modern, busy lifestyle, people do not have much time to take care of themselves, and every other person gets infected by some health issues. Age is often the reason for back pain. Especially when we hit adulthood, the hectic work life leads to many health issues that arise, like back pain, hypertension, and diabetes. 

Sometimes, when we sit constantly in a particular place while working, it also leads to back pain. Over time, the bones in our backs begin to change. Our discs tend to wear out and sometimes become fragmented. These structural alterations sometimes cause pain. 

There are many home remedies that can help us relieve back pain. If your pain symptoms are mild or if they are just beginning to surface, it is advisable to follow these home remedies for alleviating the ache. Here are a few of the top home remedies that you can use to get relief from your back pain. 

1. Use heat and cold pack

Heat and cold packs help reduce swelling and soothe the pain. A hot bag can provide relief from backaches by increasing blood flow, which helps in healing. The hot bag provides immediate relief. A hot water bottle can also be used if a hot bag is unavailable. In the case of intense back pain, apply an ice pack wrapped in a towel to the back to reduce inflammation. People can also use a bag of frozen vegetables covered with a towel to protect their skin from frostbite.

2. Stretch

When intense back pain strikes, it becomes difficult to get up and exercise. A short walk, stretching, aerobics, and swimming are lower-impact activities that help alleviate back pain. Some of the stretching poses include:

· Touching the toes

Along with stretching the hamstrings, bending forward to touch your toes helps to loosen muscles in your lower back.

· Cobra Pose

Lying on their stomach, with hands face down beside the shoulders, a person should gently lift their chest so that the top of their head points towards the ceiling, then lie their chest on the ground and repeat it.

· Child’s Pose

Sitting on their heels with knees hip-width apart, a person should lean forward to place their head on the floor, stretching their arms out in front of the head.

3. Massage

Massaging your back can provide relief. Soft tissue massage can involve friction, gliding, vibration, or percussion techniques. A person may use massage in conjunction with other treatments.

These home remedies will help to relieve back pain, but if the pain turns intense, it is recommended to consult a doctor. For more health-related content, keep following us.

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