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Top 5 Reasons Why Renaming “India” As “Bharat” Is A Good Decision

Priyal Dholakia (Assistant Editor)

Is India all set to be renamed “Bharat?” Well, speculations around the issue are on the rise and have sparked a lot of debate on social media. But the central government has so far not issued any official confirmation on the matter. The buzz grew after the G20 invites for the summit delegates bore the name “Bharat” instead of “India.” The opposition parties claim that the government will make this historic move in the upcoming special session of parliament scheduled for September 18–22, 2023. Well, whether there is any truth to the matter or not, only time will tell. But here are the top five reasons why renaming the nation “Bharat” seems to be a wise and welcome decision.

1. “Bharat” is the original name of the nation in Sanskrit.

Yes, “Bharat” has been the existing name of our nation since time immemorial. Mentions of it go as far back as the Puranic tradition. In the Vishnu Purana, for example, the name “Bharat” is clearly mentioned to address the Indian subcontinent. This description also follows in the Vedas, Mahabharata, and Bhagavad Gita, where it is either referred to as “Bharatvarsha” or “Bharatkhanda.”

2. “India” is a name that the British gave us.

It is believed that the British gave India its name when they were in charge of the colonial system. The name eventually became popular in the English language after the 17th century and began to be included in wide usage. Hence, continuing with the same name will be indicative of our nation’s slavery and domination by the British Raj. In a way, it symbolises our continued subservience and servitude to the colonial forces.

3. It will reinforce our faith in our cultural greatness and legacy.

The name “India” stands as a symbol of how our core values are getting eroded due to westernisation. On the other hand, using the name “Bharat” will strengthen our cultural identity and connect us back to our roots. A nation’s nomenclature plays a big part in how its people view and connect with its history. So, renaming the nation “Bharat” will be helpful in reawakening the cultural consciousness of our people. It will even instill in them a renewed sense of national pride and patriotic zeal. This will go a long way towards preserving the original ethos of our land.

4. It will boost our linguistic pride and heritage.

“Bharat” is a Sanskrit name, which is the primordial mother language of the Indian subcontinent. Sanskrit has also given birth to the vast majority of languages spoken in the nation today. By adopting the name “Bharat,” we will take a step ahead in preserving and celebrating our timeless linguistic heritage. It will even help us foster a deeper sense of connection with our native language and ensure its continued use and sustenance.

5. It will give us a distinct international identity and recognition.

The name “Bharat” will help our nation carve a unique international identity for itself. “India” is often associated with many other nations or regions that share similar names, such as the West Indies or Indiana in the United States. Whereas, “Bharat” is a distinct and unmistakable identity. It will help us garner greater recognition and respect on an international scale.

Ending remarks

Reverting to “Bharat” is indeed the right step forward in reviving our cultural legacy. However, it is important to remember that merely changing the name is not enough. We have to go far beyond that and traverse a long way before we see our cultural richness bloom in its full glory. It is important to reconnect to our roots in all facets of being, be it education, administration, law, etc. And this calls for collective and sustained endeavour from all sections of society, including the government, citizens, and public institutions. Only then can we revive our ancient legacy, heritage, culture, and guiding values.

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