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Top 5 suspense thriller anime if you loved Death Note

Dalip Rawat

The psychological thriller anime Death Note, with its convoluted narrative, mind tricks, and moral quandaries, had an enduring impression on the anime community. If you enjoyed Death Note and are looking for more intellectually challenging, attention-grabbing, and nerve-wracking anime experiences, look no further. If Death Note left you wanting more suspense, these are the top 5 suspense thriller anime you’re sure to enjoy:

1. Monster

Even though the idea of Monster was entirely different, many Death Note fans were delighted to discover it after the series concluded. The head of the hospital once instructed Dr. Kenzou Tenma, one of the top neurosurgeons in his city, to transfer patients since another individual needed their life more urgently. Even though his work on the patient won him the respect of his peers, Tenma was upset about the loss of the other person. A similar circumstance arose afterwards, but this time he chose to operate on a little kid rather than the mayor. Despite being a noble choice, this little kid would become a monster who would massacre several people, calling into doubt the morality of Tenma’s line of work in general.


2. Psycho-Pass

Psycho-Pass (2012) examines the effects of technology on justice in a dystopian future where one’s mental health may be measured. To stop potential criminals from doing horrible deeds, enforcers and inspectors collaborate to catch them. In a society where even ideas are illegal, as the heroine Akane Tsunemori learns, it is difficult to maintain a clean Psycho-Pass (mental state). While maintaining a high level of suspense, the anime raises challenging issues of free choice, monitoring, and the nature of human behavior.


3. Steins;Gate

When Steins;Gate was launched in 2011, its complex story helped it quickly develop a devoted audience, making it an obvious pick for Death Note fans. The series investigates a distinct narrative device: time travel, unlike Death Note, which depends on its namesake book to liven up the plot. There are obvious parallels between Light Yagami’s battles with L and the other Death Note users and Rintaro Okabe’s need to outsmart his adversaries in Stein’s Gate to stop the outbreak of World War III.


4. Erased

The main character of “Erased,” Satoru Fujinuma, has a power he calls “Revival,” which enables him to travel back in time to stop terrible things from happening. When he’s accused of a crime he didn’t commit, he’s sent back in time 18 years to his early years, when he realises he must stop a string of kidnappings and killings that happened there. The tension reaches an exhilarating peak as he works against time to reverse the past and save his loved ones.

5. Paranoia Agent

The anime with the greatest similarities to Death Note, in the opinion of many fans, is Paranoia Agent. Although the dreaded Shonen Bat and his victims are distinct from Light Yagami and the people of Japan, the series elicits comparable emotions and reactions from its followers. Shonen Bat, a nasty youngster terrorises Musashino City in Paranoia Agent,  while skating around and attacking people with a golden baseball bat. A cat-and-mouse pursuit like that in Death Note starts as detectives Mitsuhiro Maniwa and Keiichi Ikari try to get closer to the offender.

These five anime are excellent options to satisfy your hunger for more exhilarating experiences if Death Note’s dramatic narrative, complex mind games, and investigation of human psychology resonate with you. The complexity of human nature and the repercussions of our choices are explored in these anime, which are enjoyable and thought-provoking. Therefore, get ready to have your heart pumping and your intellect challenged as you ride the suspenseful rollercoaster.

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