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Top 5 vegan restaurants in Delhi

Dr Ishita Sahani

Delhi, the capital of India, is also the capital of foodies. One can find a variety of dishes around while in Delhi, given the love of Delhi people for food and how big of a foodie every Delhiite is. While outlets for non-vegetarian dishes are quite popular and easy to find, vegetarians might have a tough time zeroing in on a vegan restaurant. To reduce your time hunting for the right vegan restaurant for yourself, here are a few of them that top the list. With delish menus, these restaurants promise you a scrumptious meal that will satisfy your vegan taste buds for sure.

1. People of Tomorrow

Bringing alive the idea of vegan-only dishes, People of Tomorrow caters to the needs of people who believe in conscious eating. Whether it is salads, tacos, pizza, pastas, or desserts, the restaurant has the right vegan food options that are a must-try. The Truffle Pizza, the Shifu Tofu Taco, the Pumpkin Balsamic Ravioli, and the Mushrooms are some of the most popular choices of the visitors to this restaurant.

2. Loving Hut: The Vegan Paradise

What more can one ask for than a fully vegan breakfast, salads, soup, lunch, dinner, and drinks? Yes, you heard that right, as Loving Hut offers you all of these under one roof. From Vegan Tofu Noodle Soup to vegan pizzas, this restaurant brings you all the top vegan dishes in all forms. With decent pricing, their services are promising, and their taste is exceptional.

3. The Roadhouse Cafe

This cafe in Delhi offers an extensive range of vegan dishes. The Vegan Lasagna, Vegan Ratatouille, and Vegan Pizza are a few of the most popular dishes at this cafe. Apart from having a dedicated vegan menu, the cafe also has a lovely ambiance that melts your heart. If a Sunday brunch is on the cards, this is the place to go.

4. Shabri’s Vegan Hut

Indulge yourself in the exotic flavours of Vegan Wraps and Vegan Cheese Fries with the delectable menu of Shabri’s Vegan Hut. The restaurant has a lot to offer, including milkshakes, tofu salads, alfredos, club sandwiches, garlic breads, and many more. Whether you are looking to gorge upon Italian food, South Indian food, or American food, this restaurant has everything vegan.

5. Le Ambrosia

Did you recently turn vegan and are on the hunt for the right place to meet up with your friends? Well, Le Ambrosia welcomes you to the vegan family with the best meals. The restaurant offers a luxurious rooftop fine dining experience to its visitors. With the most experienced chefs, the menu has been curated to serve you original delicacies and elevate your vegan dining experience.

The Bottom Line

Indulge in the right eating habits with flavorful yet healthy choices that satiate your cravings to the core. Elevate your dining experience with these excellent vegan restaurants that let you take a step forward towards a sustainable lifestyle. No doubt, veganism is now the new way to live a healthy lifestyle.

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