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Top 7 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Guwahati

Mohsin Khaiyam (Senior Sub-Editor)

Guwahati is a paradise for foodies! Just like Kolkata, Guwahati offers a massive variety of cuisines. Be it Mughlai, South Indian, or even Continental, Guwahati surely has it all. However, while restaurants mostly serve non-vegetarian dishes, finding some vegetarian options in the city turns out to be quite hectic. It is more of a gamble to try and find a place that serves only vegetarian food options. Well, to help you deal with the issue, we have listed some of the vegetarian-friendly restaurants and eateries in Guwahati. Here is the list:

1. Sweet House

The first restaurant on the list is rather an uncommon vegetarian restaurant, but it is still one of the best options. The place is located on Hatigaon Road. While most people go there for the samosa and chaat, Sweet House serves some of the best Dosa at the best price in the city.

2. Makhan Bhog Restaurant

Not exactly reasonable in terms of price if compared with the above, but Makhan Bhog is a popular choice when it comes to vegetarian dishes. Makhan Bhog, located in Ulubari, serves regular South Indian dishes like Dosa and idli as vegetarian options, but the interesting part of their menu is the Chinese option. Chinese food by default claims to be non-vegetarian for the most part, but here that is not the case. This restaurant gives you the best vegetarian Chinese options that you may not find anywhere else in Guwahati.

3. Gopal Maharaj Restaurant

This restaurant has been standing tall in Fancy Bazar since the 1960s and has been a popular choice for vegetarians. It is popular for the tastiest paneer options as well as its signature aloo matar and kofta curry.

4. JB’s

No vegetarian restaurant list in Guwahati can ever be complete without naming JB’s Restaurant. This is surely the most popular restaurant in Guwahati. Even hardcore non-vegetarians are fans of JB’s, especially their Dosa options. JB’s has multiple outlets, but the one in Walford is the most popular. They serve a massive variety of sweets and snacks, but they tend to sell hundreds of Dosas each day, with their cheese masala dosa being the most popular one.

5. Bharatiya Jalpan

Located in Walford, Bharatiya Jalpan is known for the tastiest North Indian and South Indian dishes. The most popular item there, as per reviews, is their Shahi Thali. The thali comprises paneer gravy, veggies, and one of the sweet options. It is served with jeera rice and the option of either naan or roti.

6. Khao Gully

Located in the Christian Basti area, Khao Gully is a great option when it comes to vegetarian momo. It does serve thalis and dosas, but it has a wide momo menu. The vegetarian kurkure momo plate from this restaurant is the star of the show. Another great item on the menu is the veggie cheese momo.

7. Pure Desi

Last but not least, Pure Desi is known for the variety on its menu. Most vegetarian restaurants in Guwahati are primarily South Indian-serving restaurants; Pure Desi is among the very few that have a Gujarati cuisine menu. It is quite popular for its Gujarati thali, which very few people in Guwahati may have tried. It also serves dabeli along with thepla and other Gujarati items. In conclusion, Pure Desi can be an alternative for anyone looking to try something other than Dosas. Pure Desi is located in the Uzanbazar area.

These were a few restaurants that may be the best options for anyone who would like vegetarian food options. Try them and leave feedback. Bon Appetit!

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