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Why are Indians obsessed with government jobs?

Sanjana Mahendru

Why do people prefer government jobs so much? Despite the private sector’s constant evolution and expansion, people’s fascination with government opportunities does not change. When given the opportunity, there are still many young people would only consider working for the government. 

While government jobs do come with their own set of benefits, obsessing over them can sometimes be quite unreasonable and unrealistic. It can amplify people’s wishful thinking and even lead them to forego some good private opportunities that may come their way. Also, the lure of government employment can instill a sense of comfort and discourage people from seeking challenges. To flourish in the overly competitive private job market, employees have to exhibit high performance and always be at the top of their game. However, by pursuing a government job, people stay in their comfort zone and refuse to adapt to the ever-evolving and challenging work environment. This can often cause them to miss out on learning opportunities and limit their potential to grow. 

It becomes important to know and address the major reasons why people prefer to opt for government employment instead of private jobs. In this article, we will disclose the five major reasons for prioritising government jobs over private ones. These major reasons are:

1. Job Security

Before and, most importantly, after the pandemic, people’s primary concern was job security. And we all know that nobody can snatch away your government job if you reach that position as per service rules and with hard work. This is the greatest benefit that draws the attention of Indian parents and youth to cracking a competitive exam. Due to your behaviour or violation of the rules, you may be temporarily suspended. You will, however, still be paid half during that time. Once your suspension period ends, you can join again.

2. Builds reputation in society

Government jobs are considered the most prestigious jobs in Indian society. Competing with thousands of students and achieving good marks isn’t an easy task; therefore, people value your efforts and the benefits that you will receive later. If a youngster becomes a police officer, banker, or any other government employee, their prestige increases tenfold in their surroundings and society. And if you become an IAS or IPS, then you can’t even imagine how much value and respect it brings to you and your family.

3. Handsome salary with various allowances

The government offers really good salaries to its employees as compared to the private sector. Even Group-D government employees receive 30 to 40k per month, whereas private sector employees get only 10k for the same post. Along with their pay, government employees also receive additional benefits depending on their job post, including Dearness Allowance (DA), Medical Allowance, Earn Live (EL), Transportation Allowance (TA), and HRA (Housing Rent Allowance), among others. Additionally, if you apply for a loan from the bank and they discover that you work for the government, they will approve your loan request very quickly.

4. Fixed hours of work and less work pressure

Government employees follow a fixed schedule of 7-8 hours a day, whereas in the private sector, people usually work for 10–12 hours a day without any additional benefits. Furthermore, there is less work pressure in the government sector because no one can take your job away. Alternatively, in the private sector, employees are given frequent targets that, if not met, could lead to their termination at any time.

5. Survive without Extra skills

People who don’t have a good financial background to pursue expensive courses like engineering, medicine, MBA, and BCA from renowned universities for good placements see it as a great option for improving their standard of living. Also, those who don’t have any specific skills or knowledge consider government service a long-term security with no hassle to evolve and grow. This one-time dedication and hard work, combined with lifelong great earnings, empowers their obsession with government jobs.

Final words

Government jobs can be beneficial, no doubt. But depending on your skills, there are various prestigious companies that also provide generous pay and other additional benefits. If you want to prepare for public service, you must try it for one or two years. But don’t waste your valuable 3-5 years being a slave to your mind and not evolving in terms of practical knowledge and skills. Competing with thousands of students with fewer employment opportunities and judging yourself on this basis will only hamper your physical and mental health. Also, government jobs crush the mindset of people to evolve and learn with time. Hence, making the right decisions at the right time is essential.

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