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Why is the DCEU far behind the MCU?

Vaishali Adwant

The DC Extended Universe (DCEU) is a popular media franchise for making superhero films founded by Warner Bros. The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is a creation of Disney subsidiary Marvel Entertainment. Over time, fans have had a heavy-duty discussion about which franchise is better at creating superheroes and better characters.

Evaluating the distinctions

Over the past two decades, both the DCEU and MCU have created memorable characters and superheroes. DCEU has given solid characters like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, etc., while MCU has given rise to Hulk, Thor, Ironman, and a whole universe of quirky characters like Groot, Scarlet Witch, Wanda, etc.

When it comes to characterization and moviemaking techniques, the DCEU and MCU have different approaches. MCU characters are highly stylized and have a multitude of hi-tech elements. In contrast, DCEU characters are more in tune with urban societies and incorporate common problems that superheroes deal with. The MCU adds cosmic elements to the characters and plot, making it a visual treat and enjoyable to watch. Both franchises enjoy a vast fan following that spans millions.

Reasons Why DCEU is Far Behind The MCU

DCEU is an old player who has created iconic characters like Superman, Batman, Aquaman, etc. Apart from superheroes, it has also carved out a strong superwoman character, Wonder Woman. While MCU characters are highly stylized and come with well-meaning characteristics that appeal to audiences of all age groups, DCEU has a niche fan following, probably those who are not tech savvy; that is one of the reasons why DCEU is far behind the MCU.

Also, MCU characters are diverse and connect well with the audience. For example, the MCU incorporates animal characters as well as male and female leads. This creates a heartfelt appeal to the fanbase at large. The MCU creates a multi-universe of characters and deals with cosmic issues thrown at the ordinary person, which makes the story quite interesting to watch. Its stories have elements that deal with the problems faced by the common man as well as the cosmos. 

Additionally, MCU characters are quirky, more entertaining, and more deep compared to DCEU superheroes. Superman is the oldest superhero that reigned for decades before MCU characters were born, yet Avengers and a host of MCU characters still reign in the superhero film genre. A few MCU characters, such as Groot, connect with the young audience while still being entertaining. Whereas, when it comes to DCEU characters, they are all adult superheroes and lack variety and imagination.

Hence, the MCU’s list of characters is diverse and mammoth compared to the DCEU. Also, MCU villains are well sketched with an archetype personality that focuses mainly on the psychological aspect. MCU villains have cosmic powers just like their superheroes. They ooze brilliance and a different take on villainous life, which DCEU villains lack. 

Lastly, we can see that DCEU characters are often shown to be quite stereotypical in their portrayals. In addition, the DCEU has single-character superhero stories compared to MCU plots, and characters lack vigour, imagination, and technical and artistic expertise in sketching. Fans, therefore, would prefer the Hulk to the Green Lantern any day.

Reasons Why Everyone Loves MCU Better

The MCU is visually scintillating, with more focus on style and stylized characterization. Many viewers prefer MCU characters over DCEU characters because they are humorous and quirky. The MCU has the most imaginative characters, such as animal superheroes, tales from Celtic mythology, and characters from different cultures. It has multicultures when it comes to characterization, which DCEU lacks. The focus of the DCEU is good vs. evil. But the MCU has gone far beyond that and experimented with the most creative characters and plots that are awe-inspiring and come with a good message for the audience to imbue.

Wrapping up

Both the MCU and the DCEU have different tools and techniques for treating a character and writing a story. Those who love good old-fashioned superhero movies and comics are most likely going to vouch for the DCEU, while the MCU is more likely to draw viewers who love the creative and stylized elements in movies. This makes the MCU stand out as a much-loved and venerated franchise compared to the DCEU.

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