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Yodha- Movie Review: Promising Storyline with Cloudy Execution

Robin Bhuyan

If you are tired of watching the typical action thrillers, then Yodha is something that will give you something new and fresh. Directed by Sagar Ambre, the film stars Sidharth Malhotra in the lead role, with Raashi Khanna and Disha Patani in supporting roles, while veteran actor Ronit Roy has a cameo appearance.

Siddharth plays the role of an armed forces officer Arun Katyal who is suspended after he messes up when a hijack takes place. The story then takes us to a different stage of his life, where a retired and divorced Arun goes on a flight and finds himself in the middle of another hijack mission. However, is there really a hijacker, or is he being delusional? Or is he trying to hijack the plane himself as a revenge for whatever happened to him? To get the answer, you have to watch the film.

Although the film tries to do something new, during most of the film you might be asking yourself ‘What on earth is going on?” Well, it is not because you are watching a mind-bending film that will mess or challenge your brain, but this is a because of a poorly written screenplay. Even most of the dialogues seem immature, and the way, the characters behave are also quite…. irrational? This is why despite having a storyline with good potential, the film turns out to be somewhat disappointing. Regardless, the screenplay manages to be engaging, from start to finish, and it is quite unlikely that you are going to be bored.

The action scenes are definitely commendable, and Siddharth Malhotra plays his role well. Rashi Khanna does a decent job as well, though her character might be kind of irritating. Disha Patani’s role is exceptional and differs from all the roles she has been playing so far in her career.

Overall, Yodha is definitely an entertaining film and can be worth a one-time watch, but the film could have been so much better if the screenplay and the characters had more depth!

Rating – 6.5 out of 10 stars

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