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RRR wins the Best Original Song Oscar in 2023: How and why?

Pooja Banga

India stands as one of the most diverse countries in the world in terms of culture, ethnicities, customs, and, most importantly, history. Over the years, Indian cinema has been trying to provide its viewers with a generous dose of India’s history, its people, and their struggles and has even inspired a new wave of historic epics that have made their mark. 

RRR is one such movie that exhaustively reflects and portrays India’s heartbreaking struggle for Indian swaraj (self-rule). By becoming the first Indian feature film to win an Oscar, RRR has created a new and big history in itself! The win is drawing admiration and praise from every Indian as well as people from every corner of the world. Even before this win, the film had won numerous other awards, such as the Golden Globe, and had gained huge craze not just in all parts of India but in many countries all over the world. 

Theatrically released on March 25, 2022, RRR has managed to rule not just Indian cinema but the world box office with its hard hitting emotional drama and fascinating screenplay. The Naatu Naatu song track that competed against Applause from Tell It Like A Woman and many others alike at the Academy Awards is an extremely infectious and vivacious dance number and seems to be on an unstoppable spree in the world of cinema. 

No words can describe the Oscar win of RRR 

When RRR’s heel tapping song Naatu Naatu won big at the Oscars on Sunday night, it was a moment of unmatched glory for India. From tears of joy to celebratory smiles, Indians across the world wore various emotions on their sleeves. The offbeat and power packed fictional tale about two real-life warriors, Alluri Seetharamaraju and Komaram Bheem, not only attracted big crowds and bucks, but also the film industry’s most honored and revered award – The Academy Award, or the Oscar. Even earlier, the films Mother India, Salaam Bombay, and Lagaan were nominated as well in the category of Best International Feature Film at the prestigious Oscar awards, but SS Rajamouli’s RRR is the first feature film to break the ice, rise above the dark clouds over the silver screen, and bring home the first ever Oscar for an Indian movie. 

The win of RRR at the Oscars will always be the most emotional and surreal moment in the history of Indian cinema. The epic screenwriter SS Rajamouli has created a story about two Indian revolutionaries, Alluri Sitarama Raju, played by Ram Charan, and Komaram Bheem, played by NT Rama Rao Jr., which has made the audience’s hearts skip a beat multiple times and has made them applaud while watching it on the screens. For those who have been looking for an edge of the seat experience, RRR has it all – an enticing and non-complicated plot, power packed performances of both heroes and villains, epic stunts, fighting scenes, and energetic music.

The film is set in 1920, when the British ruled over India. Starring two popular Telugu actors, Ram Charan and Jr. NTR, the film raises the bar for Indian cinema in multiple ways. The characters in the movie, namely Alluri Sitarama Raju and Komaram Bheem, played by Ram Charan and N.T. Rama Rao Jr., respectively, are synonymous with mega power and unstoppable when it comes to changing the fate of the country. 

From the moment RRR starts on the silver screen, depicting the events before independence, to how the story of two friends and two revolutionaries unfolds, there are breathtaking visuals that are the most crowd pleasing you’ve seen in a long time. One of the most energetic, spectacular, and brilliant dance songs with catchy choreography has been put in music to this film. Featuring an irrepressible and fun storyline and high energy and full stamina steps, the song makes the movie even more special and memorable. 

Fire and water play opposite each other. The latter can extinguish and destroy the former upon contact. But when they come together, they create steam and run the motor of the world. Rightly said by SS Rajamouli! The movie not only depicts the fire and water theme and their connection but constantly compares the characters to fire and water, which leaves everyone spellbound. 

The best thing about the film is that it not only shows the world the tyranny of the British colonialists but also celebrates Indian culture. The success of RRR on an international level teaches other filmmakers that when we stay close to our roots, we not only gain respect and appreciation from all around the world, but there is also a greater chance of commercial success because today more and more Indians are starting to learn about the greatness of their culture.

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